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The world is facing a climate emergency, and greenhouse gas emissions are at the heart of the issue. Like many other industries, the marine sector is embracing its important role and is changing fast. The selection of solutions and approaches is growing every day, and there is no global standard.

Propulsion and power systems are evolving, with a wide range of low-emission propulsion technologies and power bus architectures. Yet, despite the steps being made to reduce emissions and contribute to the green transition, safety remains the number one priority at sea. Shipowners and operators must work towards a double target: reduced emissions and improved safety.

Full range of devices

We offer the devices you need to build safe, reliable, and robust control solutions for commercial vessels: power management controllers such as the PPM 300 and PPU 300; PLCs including the AMC 300 and AMC 600; robust medium voltage relays; cutting-edge bridge instrumentation including navigational instruments with customisable indicators; wind sensors, rudder systems, and switchboard equipment; and the Blueflow system which helps you save fuel by optimising manoeuvres at sea. And much more!

Dedicated to supporting you through changing times

As you work towards this double target, you can save time and effort by working with an industry partner capable of developing and delivering solutions that help you fulfil your operational requirements.

Renowned for setting some of the highest quality standards in power control, management, and protection, we at DEIF enable you to take part in the green transition. Based on decades of know-how, our systems and devices ensure not only optimum reliability and safety – regardless of conditions – but also forward-thinking efficiency that supports compliance with global regulations and your goals towards a decarbonised future.

Whether we talk container ships, Ro-Ro vessels, or bulk carriers, we are here to grow your business while at the same time ensuring more sustainable operations, providing agility and resilience and more than anything: Keeping you empowered and competitive in the marine industry.

DEIF has become a preferred control solution supplier to the biggest operators in the market not just because of our innovative, safe and reliable technology but because of our commitment in guiding you through all phases of your project, from specification to configuration and commissioning.

DEIF’s flexible product platform covers the full range of application possibilities. Most customers are able to install and commission our standard products working from data sheets only. But in cases of doubt, DEIF’s far-reaching network of subsidiaries, distributors, customer care teams, and technical support teams is available to assist you and ensure you invest in and implement the best controller for your application.

Useful installation information can be found in the product quick start guide, and application setup is made easy with DEIF’s Utility Software. For greater detail, we refer you to the product installation instructions, just as you are invited to attend training courses on how to install and operate DEIF’s standard controllers.

Waste Heat Recovery can reduce emissions, but do you have enough power?

Engineered solutions

If you have special requirements that our standard devices do not cover, we can develop an engineered solution that does. We follow your vessel from design to commissioning, making sure that you are getting the performance you need.

Protection against cyberattacks

Designing resilient systems plays a key role in defending against cyber pirates. DEIF devices come with features that help you achieve this goal. For example, all DEIF controllers must pass network storm tests, and our Remote Access Support offering only works if crews operate a physical switch, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

Tested, certified, and class approved

All DEIF devices for marine and offshore applications come with a long list of international marine and class approvals, for example MED approval. They are known for reliability and longevity, even in harsh environments. None of this is a coincidence: We develop, design, and manufacture our devices to exacting quality standards, and we test them rigorously to ensure that they can withstand a wide range of adverse conditions.

Techsol Marine uses PPM 300 to ensure safety at sea


Safety is an important criterion for power management systems. To design and build reliable solutions, Techsol Marine has used DEIF devices since 2010 – in particular, the PPM 300 which Electrical Engineer Rémy Rodrigue describes as reliable, easy to configure, and easy to use. But Techsol Marine is also working to advance the green agenda – and again, the PPM 300 has the features to help the Canadian company.

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