Power efficiency

DEIF is a global supplier of safe and reliable power control solutions for decentralised power generation on land and at sea. DEIF is headquartered in Denmark and operates worldwide.

Hybrid control

Reduce fuel use and carbon emissions with resilient hybrid power plants: Our flexible control solutions let you combine a wide range of power sources

Switchboard solutions

Our complete range of high-quality components, expert support, and fast delivery help you design, build, and commission switchboard solutions for any application.

Doubling V80 lifetime

Eurowind Energy are extending the lifetime for Vestas V80 turbines with a DEIF retrofit solution that improves turbine control, and reduces environmental impact.

Latest CSR report

We contribute to global sustainable development through our products and solutions, and through our activities as a company. Get more details in our 2021 CSR report.

From diesel generators to solar panels and wind energy, and from hospitals and data centres to industrial manufacturing, switch boards, and air traffic control, power needs to flow without interruptions. Efficiently, safely, and in a climate-friendly manner.

This requires adequate control, and that is what we do at DEIF: With an intelligent and flexible generator controller or wind turbine controller, power generation becomes more efficient without additional climate impact. With a highly configurable electric switchboard, power goes where it needs to go and ensures uninterrupted uptime. And with user-friendly bridge instrumentation, ships make it safely from port to port, on time and on a minimum of fuel.

DEIF offers control solutions for your applications, from genset controllers, PLCs, and advanced power management solutions to electrical switchboards and cutting-edge wind power technology. Contact us to learn more