DEIF celebrates 90 years of energy pioneering

Intelligent power management system from DEIF drives growth for São Salvador Alimentos

Partner Minas Energia describes DEIF hybrid solution as “indispensable” in saving 100,000 litres of diesel per month for Brazilian F&B company

Power efficiency

DEIF is a global supplier of safe and reliable power control solutions for decentralised power generation on land and at sea. DEIF is headquartered in Denmark and operates worldwide.

Maldives luxury resort achieves robust hybrid power with DEIF control solution

Hybrid control

Green, reliable hybrid power and microgrid solutions

DEIF makes life easier for Belgian specialty power rental company

Control solutions for ancillary services

DEIF devices can help you generate additional income from your power plant and contribute to a balanced and stable power grid.

Sustainability report

We contribute to global sustainable development through our products and solutions, and through our activities as a company. Get more details in our 2022 Sustainability report.

From diesel generators to solar panels and wind energy, spanning applications in hospitals, data centers, industrial manufacturing, switchboards, and air traffic control, the seamless flow of power is paramount. Ensuring efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability is crucial.

At DEIF, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions for controlling and safeguarding power systems. Our intelligent and flexible generator controllers and wind turbine controllers enhance power generation efficiency without adding to environmental impact. Utilizing highly configurable electric switchboards, we direct power precisely, ensuring uninterrupted uptime. Our user-friendly bridge instrumentation also enables ships to navigate safely and efficiently, minimizing fuel consumption.

DEIF offers comprehensive control and reliable protection solutions tailored to your needs. Our range includes genset controllers, PLCs, advanced power management solutions, electrical switchboards, and state-of-the-art wind power technology. Contact us to discover how our solutions can elevate the performance of your applications.