DEIF iE Marine Series

Sustainability Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

A modular solution to deliver robust, no-break power at onsite construction sites now exists, and the DEIF iE 250 is at it's core

KarmSolar reduce the complexity of low-emission hybrid microgrids with DEIF

Skysense BESS units help airports cut costs and increase reliability

Custom DEIF devices combine AC and DC busbars in hybrid solution for fishing

DEIF and AVL to drive net-zero shipping and power generation with revolutionary power converters

From diesel generators to solar panels and wind energy, spanning applications in hospitals, data centers, industrial manufacturing, switchboards, and air traffic control, the seamless flow of power is paramount. Ensuring efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability is crucial.

At DEIF, we specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions for controlling and protecting power systems. Our intelligent and flexible generator controllers and wind turbine controllers enhance power generation efficiency without adding to environmental impact. Utilizing highly configurable electric switchboards, we direct power precisely, ensuring uninterrupted uptime. Our user-friendly bridge instrumentation also enables ships to navigate safely and efficiently, minimizing fuel consumption.

DEIF offers comprehensive control and reliable protection solutions tailored to your needs. Our range includes genset controllers, PLCs, advanced power management solutions, electrical switchboards, and state-of-the-art wind power technology. Contact us to discover how our solutions can elevate the performance of your applications.

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