Analogue illuminated bridge indicator

DEIF’s robust, accurate and flexible illuminated bridge indicators are designed to meet the unique regulatory, space and integration challenges of today’s bridge environment.

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Flexible and cost-effective bridge indicators

Built to last in harsh environments, the XL series of illuminated indicators features DEIF’s patented, microprocessor-controlled X-Coil technology which allows 360 degrees of rotation, Class 0.5 accuracy and 50g shock resistance, and it comes with a wealth of marine approvals. With a range of standard DIN cut-out sizes, the XL series supports both CAN and a wide range of analogue inputs for signal and dimming purposes, speeding up installation and simplifying integration. 

DEIF’s range of standard XL scales are designed to meet international and MED standards covering RPM, Pitch, Rudder Angle, Rate of Turn, Azimuth and much more. To meet specific application or branding needs or to facilitate harmonised designs, DEIF offers a highly cost effective and fast custom XL scale design service which is also pre-MED approved where applicable. The cost and risk of system approvals can be reduced and mitigated by taking advantage of DEIF’s pre-approved MED systems which include XL indicators combined with other products from DEIF’s bridge portfolio such as XDi, TRI-2 panorama indicator and RTA/C rudder angle transmitters.

The XL technology and scale designs are also available for outdoor environments in DEIF’s BW & BRW-2  bridge wing indicators.

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