Navigation Indicator (XDi-N)

Flexible display indicator for navigation applications

DEIF’s top of the range display based bridge indicator, combined with a Navigation library, offers a number of advanced space, cost and time saving functions in one indicator.

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Xdi N Front Navigation
Xdi N Front
Xdi N Angle
Xdi N Side
Xdi N Side Extension
Xdi N Back
Xdi N Front Navigation
Xdi N Front
Xdi N Angle
Xdi N Side
Xdi N Side Extension
Xdi N Back

Steering a steady course

The XDi-N extends the functionality of the standard XDi range by providing the ability to toggle between up to 4 different screens either remotely or physically through buttons on the front, making it an even more cost effective and space saving solution. Additionally, the XDi-N introduces an extra NX2 NMEA extension module which has NMEA inputs as well as outputs, expanding the functionality of the XDi-N to allow simple integration to systems such as compass and wind sensors for navigation and wind/weather applications.

Different working modes such as Harbour Manoeuvres, Steaming and modes specific to the vessel type, often require different information to be displayed on screens. With multiple XDi-Ns, these working modes can be defined across multiple devices using DEIF’s CAN based XDi-net. Each XDi-N can present a relevant screen for each mode; yet another space and time saving feature.

XDi-N navigation

The current standard navigation libraries contains indication for:

  • Heading
    Examples include compass, digital readout, tape repeater and bar graphics and combinations
  • Speed and depth
    Examples include SOG, STW, below keel (digital and chart), longitudinal and transversal speed
  • Docking displays
    Combines rate of turn, speed over ground and true heading indication to aid docking and berthing
  • Rate of turn * (*Dual)

More libraries will come later.

As with the standard XDi, to meet specific application or branding needs or to facilitate harmonised designs, DEIF offers a highly cost effective and fast custom XDi library design service, also pre-MED approved where applicable.

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