While DEIF has grown to be an international group, the family-owned company’s values have remained unchanged for decades and generations.

At heart, DEIF is first and foremost a manufacturer dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction.

That is why we always accept full responsibility for the quality of our solutions. From idea to implementation, our business partners should expect nothing but the best from us.

Throughout the years, this way of thinking has created a unique mindset that influences the quality of what we do on all levels.

From start to finish, we do everything we can to make sure that the requirements of each and every customer are met. To us, quality is not just a key competition parameter – it is part of who we are.

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A unique trademark of DEIF for decades, we offer complimentary unrestricted access to software updates, technically detailed product documentation along with educational and inspirational whitepapers on industry-relevant topics of tomorrow.