Programmable Automation Controllers (PLC/PAC)

Flexible Linux®-based controllers with EtherCAT based I/O

Our AMC 300, AWC 500, and AMC 600 controllers are open, programmable Linux®-based controllers suitable for a wide range of power control applications, even in harsh operating environments.

They can be used in a wide range of operating temperatures, and they can withstand severe mechanical and electrical disturbances, for example 50 g shock. These and other factors give them a life expectancy of at least 10 years (at 40°C reference temperature) so you make the most of your investment and save on service costs.

All controllers use EtherCAT as their native communication protocol but come with great flexibility. They allow you to use OPC UA, CAN/CANopen, J1939, Modbus TCP/RTU, Profibus DP, and PROFINET for integration with other systems. Additionally, you get support for internet data exchange with secure HTTPS/WSS/JSON interfaces.



AMC 300

The AMC 300 controller is based on our proven Multi-line 300 platform, allowing you to program resilient solutions for marine and offshore applications in CODESYS V3 with native EtherCAT access. It features the cyber-secure Linux-based operating system BSP v4. It integrates perfectly with its sister products PPU 300 and PPM 300 that provide standard applications for generator synchronisation and power management

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Awc 500 Rotated PNI

The AWC 500 is our 5th generation control system for use as a robust and reliable embedded controller or PLC for energy generation units or distributed power plants operating in demanding climate conditions, such as wind turbines. Its core technologies build on our Linux®-based operating system OSv3, CODESYS V3 and features high-density EtherCAT based I/O modules powered by a 1GHz Dual Core CPU module.

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AMC 600

The AMC 600 is our 6th generation control system for land and wind power control applications, with even higher electrical protection levels for mobile or stationary installations. Its modular, service-friendly design and extensive control and customisation options offer great performance and flexibility with up to 12 high-density EtherCAT based I/O modules per controller rack. With a rack height of just 122 mm and a depth of only 138 mm, it delivers great processing power while reducing cabinet space requirements. This new platform integrates perfectly with the AWC 500.

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PLC Short lead times and timely delivery

Short lead times and timely delivery

Our extensive manufacturing capacity allows us to meet any volume demand – regardless of geographical destination. We work hard to make sure our customers receive orders as quickly as possible, and we ship standard products in less than 7 days.

We manufacture all our products in-house at our Danish HQ in Skive to ensure we continue to meet demand and reduce customer lead times. So if you are struggling to get hold of control products through your usual supply channels, there has never been a better time to talk to DEIF.

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