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We offer a complete range of high-quality components and market-leading support, helping you design, build, and commission switchboard solutions for any marine/offshore and land power application. Source all your switchboard components from DEIF to save time and paperwork – and to get proven equipment that ensures maximum uptime in your solutions!

Full range of components


We offer controllers, meters, protection, synchronisation and load sharing, power supplies, and HMI for low to high end applications. Our products ensure easy integration and give you several design benefits:

  • Maximum flexibility with our complete portfolio of products that are highly configurable and customisable.
  • Simplified and optimised switchboard design with integrated features that enable you to reduce the number of components. For example, by selecting the 2 module for the PPM/PPU 300 controller, you get integrated ANSI 87G differential protection.
  • Easy compliance with customer design requirements with logos, scales, and colours that can be customised to your specifications.

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DVC 550

The DVC 550 is a digital automatic voltage regulator, which monitors and regulates the alternator output with rated field current up to 7 A and up to 277V AC. The DVC 550 controller can improve genset performance, delivering up to a 10% increase of normal load impact capability and is suitable for any application in the critical power, IPP and rental segments.

AGI 400

A comprehensive HMI solution, DEIF’s AGI 400 series connects to all DEIF Multi-line controllers, as well as third party electronics, via standard defined communication protocols, featuring functionalities which eliminate the need for other instruments, thus saving you both space and wiring.

TDU 107

TDU 107 is a preprogrammed touch screen solution for connection to DEIF’s AGC-4 Mk II controllers. Combines both an HMI display and 6 AOP (Additional Operator Panel) on one device. Easy to use icon driven HMI providing fast access and configurable instrument pages.


Using switch mode technology to ensure an extremely low ripple, the DCP2 is a safe choice both as a battery charger and/or a DC power supply. The DCP2 is available with 24 V voltage and 20 or 40 A current output.


Tested and certified as a first grade quality unit with a robust aluminium housing and black plastic cover, the DBC-1 has a long and reliable product life and withstands years of everyday wear and tear. The DBC-1 is available with 12 V or 24 V voltage and 5 or 10 A current output.


DEIF’s load sharing units offer load sharing i various ways between generators and interfaces to a governor through an electronic potentiometer (EPQ96-2 or EPN110DN).

Read more about each variant: LSU-112DG, LSU-113DG, LSU-114DG and LSU-122DG


DEIF's synchronisers are applied for synchronisation of a generator to the busbar and closing of its circuit breaker when the voltage difference, the slip frequency and the phase  angles are within the preset limits.



DEIF's synchroscopes are microprocessor-based synchronising units offering visual indication of relevant values for synchronising generators to net (busbar). The units are suitable for all types of installation requiring manual synchronisation.


DEIF's synchroscopes are microprocessor-based synchronising units offering visual indication of relevant values for synchronising generators to net (busbar).


The EPQ96-2 is a digitally controlled electronic unit that replaces normal motor potentiometers for control of  electronic speed governors.


The potentiometer converts the relay output of a PI step controller to a control voltage for the speed governor/ AVR, including DEIF's load sharing unit type LSU, DEIF's synchronisers type FAS, or any other type of PI step controller with relay.

MVR-200 series

The MVR-200 series offers integrated or segregated protection with powerful complementary monitoring, measuring, communication and diagnostics information. The MVR-200 is developed using the latest available technologies opening a totally new dimension for medium voltage protection and monitoring.


Read more about each variant here: RMC-111D, RMC-121D, RMC-122D and RMC-131D.


DEIF's RMV protective voltage relays are applied for generator, motor and transformer protection against adverse system voltage conditions. The versatile unit features a number of adjustable parameters.

Read more about the RMV variants here: RMV-112D, RMV-122D, RMV-132D and RMV-142D.


DEIF's loss of mains relays protect generators against damage resulting from a non-synchronised reconnection to the grid after a temporary mains failure.

Read more about the LMR variants here: LMR-111D and LMR-122D.

Current transformers


Part of DEIF’s current transformer range, the protection transformers are used for over-current and earth fault protection in balanced protection systems.



Part of DEIF’s current transformer range, these measuring transformers convert high current into lower nominal current value, thus making it possible to use instruments and relays with standardised values of rated current.



Part of DEIF’s current transformer range, the summation transformers summarise the secondary currents of up to 8 main current transformers to a common secondary signal.



Bimetallic meters (maximum demand ammeters) are specifically suitable for thermic control of cables, transformers, etc.



The BEQ meter is specifically suited for indication of thermal loads in conjunction with cables, transformers, etc.


The EQ is a versatile quadratic moving iron instrument for measuring AC currents and AC voltages within the range 16 to 65 Hz.

2EQ & 2EVQ

DEIF's double voltmeters with two moving iron systems mounted in one housing. Offering linear read-outs, they provides visual indication of frequency for manual synchronisation of generators to net (busbar).


DEIF's voltage meters with switch have been designed to save switchboard builders space and installation time and do not require installation of a normal selector switch.


The EQ is a versatile quadratic moving iron instrument for measuring AC currents and AC voltages within the range 16 to 65 Hz.

2FTQ & 2FQ

DEIF's robust double frequency meters are highly accurate and compact. Offering linear read-outs, they provide visual indication of frequency for manual synchronisation of generators to net (busbar).


With high immunity to 3rd harmonics, DEIF's frequency meters are suitable for all applications. The moving coil meters feature integrated electronics that convert frequency into analogue readings with accurate and linear readouts.


Powerful, fast and compact, the TAS units in DEIF’s transducer range measure power or reactive power on a 1- or 3-phase AC network and provide output signal as direct current or voltage signal proportional to measurements for PLCs, PCs, microprocessor control, indicators, alarm units etc.

Read more about TAS-311DG, TAS-321DG and TAS-331DG.

Insulation monitors


The AAL-2 from DEIF is an insulation monitor and is used to supervise insulation resistance between an isolated AC voltage distribution network and an earth/safety cable.



The SIM-Q MKII is particularly suitable for high-end monitoring of AC/DC networks characterised by high leakage capacitance. A low frequency (LF) version of the SIM-Q MKII is available for thruster systems with 5-20Hz frequency variations.

Multi-line 300

Multi-line 300 is DEIF´s versatile core controller platform. Built with futureproofing in mind, it provides a flexible and modular backbone to a family of tailor made, marine-certified, protection and control products that address the varying needs of todays complex Marine and Offshore markets and applications.

CIO 308

The CIO 308 is an external I/O module for DEIF's multi-line series for those requiring a number of inputs exceeding the capacity of a range of DEIF genset controllers.


CIO 208

The CIO 208 is a remote output expansion module for complex genset applications which require a number of digital outputs exceeding the capacity of your genset controller.


CIO 116

The CIO 116 is a remote input expansion module for complex genset applications which require a number of digital inputs exceeding the capacity of your genset controller.

Programmable Automation Controllers

We have offered our AMC 300 and AWC 500 controller series as open, programmable Linux®-based controllers for more than a decade.

The SGC series

The SGC (Single Genset Controller) series from DEIF is designed for controlling a single genset in applications where synchronisation and power management features are not required. The high-quality yet affordable range of controllers is easy to configure, install, and commission. It gives OEMs and system designers all the necessary features for reliable and cost-effective control solutions.


Efficient, fast and flexible, the programmable MTR-4 transducer offers the same performance as up to four standard transducers, measuring and calculating AC voltage, AC current, active/reactive apparent power, power factor, frequency, kWh, kvar, THD, dynamic and maximum demands.

Shunt resistors

Shunts provide an accurate DC milivolt signal to drive moving-coil ammeters, overload protection and control units for higher ampere range.

Power supply

The series of switch mode power supplies are compact, reliable and easy to install. Marine approvals make the power supplies suitable for applications at sea.

The AGC 150 series

The AGC 150 (Advanced Genset Controller) series is designed for OEMs and system designers and covers a wide range of power and engine control applications. It offers unmatched flexibility, high quality, and tried and tested reliability in a compact package. The AGC 150 series enables power management and (in most variants) synchronisation, giving OEMs and system designers a wide range of design options to choose from.


The automatic genset controller AGC-4 Mk II is the world’s most comprehensive genset controller offering all necessary functions for protection and control.

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