At your service

Global scope of supply

Our extensive manufacturing capacity allows us to meet any volume demand – regardless of the geographical destination. Moreover, we ship standard products in less than seven days. And globally, 98% of all DEIF deliveries are on time.

The DEIF Group has sales offices, competence centres and training facilities in 12 key markets in Europe, Asia and the Americas, and distributors, system integrators and a service partner network in an additional 35 countries and territories.

The group’s broad infrastructure reflects our mission and continued drive to extend our reach and provide on-site service to guarantee our partners top-of-the-line commissioning and stable operation.

DEIF’s regional and local anchors guarantee a “glocal” view as well as unrivalled response times for maintenance, repairs, replacements or upgrades, 24/7/365.

DEIF offers day-to-day spare part delivery and three to five day deliveries for complete retrofit systems with a guaranteed five year supply of spare parts for standard controllers.

24/7 service & support

Choosing DEIF means flexible and fast on-site service & support  – 24/7/365. We are there to avoid and help keep downtime to an absolute minimum.


To give full ownership and returns on investments, DEIF offers courses at our dedicated training facilities for operators and technicians.

Training programmes  are conducted for small groups and give hands-on experience and greater technical understanding of DEIF’s comprehensive solutions using simulation boards and emulation software in clean, safe and controlled environments.

Our interest is for you to be able to use your product in the most efficient way.

To optimise your experience and prevent future issues with DEIF equipment, the training sessions simulate a wide range of fault conditions without risk of damage to your systems.

Documentation to help you help yourself

DEIF documentation is written from your perspective by supporters with constant customer contact. They understand the challenges you face in the field and create technical documentation that enables you to help you help yourself.