ASC-4 Solar Single controller

Automatic sustainable controller

Ideally suited for integration in existing power plants, the ASC-4 Solar Single controller can interface with PV inverters and third-party controllers, enabling you to integrate solar power in brownfield applications and maximise sustainable power penetration.

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ASC 4 Solar
ASC 4 Solar

The ASC-4 Solar Single controller is a reliable, fully integrated, and optimising link between sustainable power plants and genset power plants. It is designed specifically to integrate solar power in existing power plants in brownfield applications. The controller can easily be configured and reconfigured for your application as needed using the free DEIF utility software and can be used for Modbus communication.

Maximising sustainable power penetration

In any operation mode, the ASC-4 Solar Single controller automatically maximises sustainable power penetration, depending on the total load demand on the hybrid plant, without compromising constraints such as minimum genset load demand.

In off-grid operation, the controller offers a minimum genset load constraint that lowers sustainable power penetration if PV production is compromised. This ensures a certain amount of load on the gensets, eliminating the risk of reverse power situations and impure combustion and exhaust problems.

Integrates in many different applications

Using Modbus power meters, you can easily supply information about current mains and genset power and breaker positions to the ASC-4 Solar Single controller, and the controller can supply monitoring information about current inverter status. This enables you to integrate the controller in an existing plant in a wide range of off-grid or grid-tied brownfield applications, and it offers simple external control features and data for SCADA systems or remote monitoring.

Compatible with wide range of equipment

The controller is compatible with a wide range of DEIF and third-party controllers, power meters, and measurement transducers, allowing you to optimise control of your plant according to your requirements. The ASC-4 Solar Single controller can control a PV breaker and receive feedback from a mains breaker.

Ideal for self-consumption applications

In grid-tied applications, the ASC-4 Solar Single controller can feed surplus PV energy to the grid and generate profit in accordance with grid operator feed-in tariffs. Alternatively, it can regulate production through PV curtailment to match the self-consumption, thereby preventing any feed-in of PV power to the grid (zero export) if prohibited by grid operator regulations.

Wide range of inverters

The ASC-4 Solar Single controller is compatible with a wide range of PV inverters, allowing you to integrate it with virtually any PV installation. DEIF is a member of the SunSpec Alliance, and new inverters are constantly being added. For an updated compatibility list for the controller, see Application Notes on the Documentation tab.

Compatible with sky imager solutions

The ASC-4 Solar Single controller is compatible with leading sky imager solutions, enabling it to predict the weather and PV production and take counter-measures if needed, for example starting up the required number of gensets in due time before clouds reduce PV production – and keeping gensets running if forecasts indicate that PV production will drop again shortly.

Emulation feature provides safe system testing

The built-in emulation feature of the ASC-4 Solar Single controller enables you to interact with the controller in a controlled and safe environment without risking to damage any equipment. All you need to do to perform a complete test of your system is to turn on your controller and connect communications.

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