Automatic changeovers between off-grid & grid-tied


In combination applications, the system incorporates features and functionalities of both our off-grid and grid-tied technology, automatically adjusting power and reactive power references with grid support if frequency or voltage drops, or rotating the genset to automatically ensure the most fuel-optimised running mode through various load demands.

Supporting fuel-saving in grid-tied operations, all gensets can be stopped to maximise the penetration from sustainable sources. Automatic changeovers between grid-tied and off-grid in case of mains failure are possible, even during operation. The system is available both as a Power Management solution for systems multiple sustainable power sources, or as a stand-alone solution for retrofits or existing plants.

Power management solution

  • ASC-4 applicable with AGC-4/AGC 200 controls up to 32 gensets/utilities
  • ASC PM applicable with AGC PM controls up to 32 gensets/utilities
  • Applications up to 8 sustainable power plants
  • Minimum genset load for optimal performance
  • Spinning reserve to ensure uptime
  • Maximise sustainable power penetration in all operation modes

Stand-alone solution

  • Applicable with all genset controls for up to 16 gensets
  • Maximum 1 utility
  • Maximum 1 sustainable power plant
  • Minimum genset load for optimal performance
  • MIC/MIB for detection of genset/mains production
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