Solar or storage– single controller

Flexible hybrid solutions without full controller integration

DEIF controllers can be used to quickly and flexibly add a power source to an existing plant, creating a hybrid solution without integrating the DEIF controller with a 3rd party power or energy management system (PMS/EMS) or other control solution.

The DEIF controllers can be configured to send or receive external signals, for example setting up an ASC-4 Solar Single controller to limit or maximise solar production based on load and power measurements received from external meters, or setting up an ASC-4 Battery Single controller to send start or stop signals to an external genset controller depending on the state of charge of the energy storage system (ESS). The DEIF ASC-4 Solar Single controller can maximise sustainable power penetration and is compatible with sky imager solutions and weather stations, and all controllers can be configured to run in standard operating modes such as mains power export (MPE), peak shaving, and fixed power.

Saving fuel in existing plants

Integrating a DEIF ASC-4 Solar or Battery Single controller in an existing plant is an efficient way of lowering fuel consumption. Adding a PV panel contributes solar power that reduces the need for genset fuel, while adding an ESS helps you operate your gensets more efficiently at their optimal duty point, lowering fuel consumption. For example, if your genset is running at 40% load, your ESS can demand charging power, raising the genset load to 70%. Conversely, if the genset is running at a high 95% load, the ESS can discharge power, supporting the genset so its load drops to the optimal 70%.

Many ESS options

Adding an ESS gives you many other design options. Like a genset, it can provide spinning reserve functionality to ensure uptime, and it can be configured to ensure optimal genset load. You can use energy source or power source control, and the ESS can run in grid-forming, grid-following, or droop mode (acting as a virtual synchronous generator). You can base charging/discharging on schedular command timers and set up the ESS to communicate with a BCU, BMS, or PCS over Modbus.

Ideal for rental applications

This application type is ideally suited for battery rental applications where an ASC-4 Battery Single controller is mounted on your rental assets and can quickly be deployed in green power rental applications (delivering a fully charged ESS on site and quickly hooking it up to consumers).

You can set up schedular timers in the controller that adjust operation to match load and site requirements. For example, if noise and exhaust emissions are not permissible during particular periods, such as in residential areas at night, the controller can stop all connected gensets during this period. When site noise is permissible, the controller can send genset start signals as required to deliver the power needed (from the ESS or gensets, or by combining them). You can also configure the controller to send start/stop signals depending on the load.

  • Solar or storage integration in hybrid applications
  • Wide range of possibilities with ASC-4 Single controller
  • Standard operating modes such as mains power export (MPE), peak shaving, and fixed power
  • Built-in power metering
  • Highly customisable with user-friendly M-Logic tool
Brown Field Battery Standalone (Low Res)
Brown Field Solar Standalone (Low Res)
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Short lead times and timely delivery

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