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Independent power producers

100% automatic control from diesel to grid

An intelligent power management solution for IPP projects, DEIF’s ground-breaking Plant Management System has been developed to secure stable and automatic plant management of sites of up to 256 gensets.

Superseding the traditional 32 genset limit, DEIF’s technological expertise and focussed R&D has also enabled us to create a one-button intelligent solution that delivers maximum stability for your projects. 

A fully automated solution, Plant Management continuously analyses gensets, transformers and fuel supply information to react on fuel density and overheating for instance, making output more reliable, guaranteeing uninterrupted performance and saving manpower costs.

Securing stable power output and avoiding downtime, Plant Management helps you deliver the required power and minimises the risk of penalties.

Land power application guide

The land power application guide offers a complete overview of everything from solutions and services to product overviews.

Land power application guide

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