DEIF makes life easier for Belgian specialty power rental company

Gil Delvenne of Bulterys SA relies on DEIF’s off-the-shelf control solutions for smooth operations. What started out as a one-off project to fulfil a specific customer request has turned into a lasting partnership.

From shore power and construction projects to events and film production, Belgian power rental company Bulterys SA covers a wide range of short and mid-term requirements. The agile company operates a fleet of 120 generators, supplying mobile power across Belgium and northern France.

“Our clients are mainly distribution system operators, the manufacturing industry, the events industry, and construction,” explains general manager Gil Delvenne. “My main role is to provide technical support for technicians on our sites. I also carry out technical preparations for specific projects that require extra attention, and I provide technical support to end clients by phone when they have an issue or require any kind of help.”

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– Choosing DEIF made our life a lot easier because we all speak the same language

Gil Delvenne, general manager, Bulterys SA

Effective off-the-shelf solution

For a relatively small company, saying no to a customer is seldom a good idea. Even when tasks are challenging, solutions must be found to keep customers satisfied, and the business running. In 2005, Bulterys faced a challenge: The company was approached by a distribution system operator with a very specific technical requirement that Bulterys was unable to fulfil using its then-current rental fleet.

Looking for a way to satisfy the client’s demands, Bulterys came across DEIF who suggested an off-the-shelf control solution that could be retrofitted on the Bulterys rental assets. After some testing, it became clear that the DEIF controller could solve the problem, and it could do so without Gil Delvenne having to immediately retrofit his entire rental fleet.

Up until this point, Gil Delvenne, like many other rental professionals, had never given much thought to his generator control systems. He preferred a simple, no-frills approach, and as long as the generators started and ran when needed, that was good enough. The new DEIF controller changed his perspective. Although he was initially unsure about its complexity, he soon realised its potential. The controller not only enabled Bulterys to take on more complex projects but also enhanced operational efficiency. It was not long before the general manager made a strategic decision.

“Little by little, we retrofitted our existing fleet, and all new generators were equipped with DEIF controllers,” says Gil Delvenne.

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Flexibility and integration

Bulterys has used DEIF controllers for its generator rental assets ever since. The most important reason for the continued cooperation is very simple: “Choosing DEIF made our life a lot easier,” remarks Gil Delvenne.

All DEIF devices, from simple to advanced, are built on the same foundation which means that they work together seamlessly. They also integrate easily with other controller brands, giving Bulterys the flexible platform it needs to deal with a wide range of applications.

Choosing DEIF controllers has also contributed to the development of Bulterys. DEIF has a well-established reputation and is widely used in the local rental market. This has created a strong network which facilitates collaboration and enables Bulterys to seamlessly work with assets and staff from other companies, creating flexible solutions that fit customer requirements.

Solving problems immediately

For rental assets, operational stability is essential. Customers rely on the assets to supply the power they need, and high reliability backed by fast and competent technical support is therefore crucial for any rental company. Having a fleet of all-DEIF controllers means that the technical staff at Bulterys always know how to troubleshoot and update any one of the company’s solutions.

“All the codes are the same, all the parameters are the same,” says Gil Delvenne. “We’re instantly on the same level as regards communication – and it’s always the same procedure if we need to change anything.” He adds that Bulterys is also getting valuable support from DEIF when needed:

“DEIF has always been present. We are getting very good after-sales service with technicians who are skilled and always enthusiastic about their work. And they always come up with a solution immediately, or nearly immediately, when we have a problem. In rental, problems must be solved immediately and cannot be left pending.”

Preparing for the future

In addition to genset controllers with extensive power management capabilities, Bulterys uses TDU display units and RMB remote maintenance boxes. Gil Delvenne recently tested the new TDU Supervision unit, a plug & play supervision display that requires zero programming but still offers extensive control and monitoring features for entire power management plants and individual assets.

“My first impression was that it looks very professional. It’s a new technology that can open new opportunities and new services to offer our end clients,” concludes Gil Delvenne after testing another off-the-shelf DEIF solution that could help his company solve customer requirements and exploit new opportunities – from construction projects to the next blockbuster movie and beyond.

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Bulterys SA

Founded: 1955

Headquarters: Brussels, Belgium

Activities: short and mid-term specialty power rental

Employees: 13