Flexible rental control solutions and great support

Rental power by definition should be flexible power. With DEIF, that’s exactly what you get. Our control solutions help you run an efficient and flexible rental business with extensive configuration options, easy asset management, and user-friendly features for your engineers, technicians, drivers, and customers. And we offer the best support in the business to get you back on track in case of technical issues.

Military-level robustness

Our robust controllers handle any power source of any size, from gensets to fuel cells and ESSes. Designed and tested to work in conditions ranging from arctic cold to humid tropical heat, they deliver the performance your customers expect anywhere. In fact, they are so reliable that they have been specified for solutions delivered to armed forces in several countries.

Flexible and user-friendly

The purpose-built onboard logic of our controllers helps you quickly scale and redesign your rental solutions. Advanced power management and paralleling features ensure that power is always available when your customers need it, and emulation software lets you test your setup from your desk before deployment.

With our EasyConnect feature, your delivery teams can quickly connect and start up your rental assets onsite, and our TDU touch displays give technicians and customers alike a great overview of each asset – including exhaust after-treatment info as mandated by the EPA.

Asset tracking and remote monitoring

Our Insight remote monitoring service lets you track your assets accurately anywhere and shows you detailed status information like AC sine waves or winding temperatures. With this information, you can monitor asset health in real time and take corrective action as needed.

Meet our rental power expert

Senior Business Development Manager David Stringer has more than 15 years of experience in the diesel rental market. A mechanical engineer, he has worked with diesel and gas-powered assets and control technology throughout his career, and he is also an expert on energy storage systems, fuel cells, and other key technologies in the new fuel economy.

David J. Stringer - DJS

David J. Stringer

Senior Business Development Manager - Key Accounts and Energy Technology

+1 708 391 5454 |

Our control devices can be used in any off-grid or grid connected rental application, with fossil-fueled or renewable power sources.