Altaaqa Global wins MEE Power project of the year: 54 MW temporary power plant in Yemen

Billy Wharton, Director of Global Operations, Altaaqa Global

MEE 2014 Power Project of the Year

In 2014, Altaaqa Global won the Power Project of the Year at the MEE Awards with a 54 MW temporary power plant in Yemen.

Referring to the DEIF Plant Management solution implemented at the site, Director of Operations of Altaaqa Global Billy Wharton called the project the most advanced in the power industry adding that Altaaqa, “is the only company in the Middle East who utilised an integrated control protection system that can switch from grid to island to grid in just minutes.

“This is also the most advanced Caterpillar electric power protection system in the world. Our control system provided the most flexible power solution to support base load, intermediate, peaking or standby power generation. Whether it’s an island mode/stand alone or grid, or a combination of all operational modes, we can exactly meet the mode requirements at a push of a button.”

Altaaqa Global

A subsidiary of Zahid Group. Collaborates with Caterpillar Inc. to deliver turnkey multimegawatt temporary power solutions at customer sites in emerging markets.

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