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When power is needed in remote or off-grid locations, genset manufacturers and packagers heed the call. Your products and solutions help ensure that the power to keep things alive and moving is always available – anywhere, in any operating conditions. And in applications ranging from emergency standby power and disaster relief to construction projects and private homes.

The power to design and build what you need

Your gensets are used for many different applications. Your controllers should be able to handle them all. And when you work with DEIF, they will: Our control devices give you the flexibility and scalability you need to build, deploy, and reconfigure the power solutions your customers require, for example in genset control, engine drive, pump control, or telecom substation applications.

From simple generator controller or battery controller solutions to power management, hybrid power, and value-added protection features; from built-in I/Os to flexible extension modules; from onsite operation to remote monitoring and control; from English to any language spoken anywhere, we help you get the job done. Quickly and easily. We put the power to design and build what you need in your hands.

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The controllers and relays you need

We offer a complete range of flexible, powerful, and reliable controllers including the SGC 420 Mk II , the AGC 150/ASC 150 series, the GPC 300, and the DVC 350 digital automatic voltage regulator – and a wide range of robust relays such as the RMV voltage protection relays and RMF frequency relays.

You can combine our devices to control, monitor, and protect any generator or other power source in any application your customers need, and thanks to our user-friendly HMI (with programmable displays on several devices), you always have a great overview of your system.


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- 90 years of energy pioneering
- Manufactured at the highest standards
- Superior quality
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- Made in Denmark

Helping you plan your production

To meet your deadlines, you need your components on time. Thanks to our in-house manufacturing and strong supply chain, we have a strong track record for on-time delivery, shipping your orders on time and helping you plan and execute your production orders – even in an age of supply chain disruptions and raw material shortages.

Verification through rigorous testing

The controller should not be the weakest link in your genset solutions: We test our devices rigorously to verify their ability to keep working, even in harsh operating conditions such as fires, extreme temperatures, and electromagnetic disturbances. As a result, we know that they will keep working.

Maximise asset utilisation with training

Our control devices offer a wide range of features. To help you and your customers make the most of them, we arrange training sessions where users at all levels can get behind the scenes of our devices. Sign up for the learning you need!

DEIF controller features add value for ATOS Generators


“The support is really one of the most important things about DEIF,” says Rami Mansour, Technical Solution Engineer at genset manufacturer ATOS Generators. The company uses DEIF SGC controllers for small to medium engines, enjoying benefits such as fast commissioning and programming, a user-friendly interface, built-in Modbus – and great technical support.

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