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Illuminated panel indicators - Description

Patented range of illuminated panel indicators designed to indicate e.g. rpm, pitch and rudder angle. These panel indicators are based on microprocessor-controlled X-coil technology. 

XL scale designs

For the illuminated panel indicators, DEIF stocks a wide range of recommended standard scale designs, including scale designs for rpm, pitch, rudder, rate-of-turn and azimuth. 

The range has been  designed to meet international standards for optimal readability and precision – see for the current list. 

DEIF can also handle customised scale designs, adding logos/text or create a new visual layout to identify your brand.


Type Item number
XL72 2951160020
XL96 2951170020
XL 144 2951180020
XL 192 2951190020

Illuminated panel indicators - Features

The illuminated panel indicators has a long list of features:

  • High shock/vibration resistance (robust)
  • Class 0.5 accuracy
  • 360 ° deflection
  • Analogue or dual CANopen interface
  • Optional IP66 protection
  • LED illumination panel
  • Q72, Q96, Q144 and Q192 scale sizes
General Software


Quick Start Guide
Language Documents Revision
Flag eng XL quick guide 4189350054 UK.pdf A
User's Manual

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