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Display indicator- Description

DEIF’s XDi illuminated display indicator series is a compact, easy-to-install, versatile and user-friendly revolution in bridge instrumentation.

The ultimate all-in-one solution display indicator, the XDi saves you panel space and installation time, gives you greater choice, more flexibility and the ability to configure and make repairs on-site.

Display indicator XDi series

With the display indicator XDi series, we have replaced mechanical scales and pointers with high quality displays, taking indicator performance to a new level without compromising DEIF customisation standards and maintaining approvals for all relevant applications.

The display indicator XDi features high accuracy analogue readout (no mechanical or parallax’s reading error), high precision digital readings, wide viewing angle and optimised day and night colour pallets, even a custom dusk pallet.

The display indicator XDi series comes in two different sizes with dual- or multi-indicator display libraries. You can order XDi with a DEIF standard indicator library – or you can have your own customised. Already a market-leader with record delivery times, the display indicator  XDi series also enables us to ship your orders even faster.

Depending on functionality, all units are MED-certified. Approvals from major classification societies are available depending on application. DEIF has developed the XDi series cooperating closely with DNV GL.


XDi Dual

  • 1 or 2

XDi Multi

  • Application-dependent

Illuminated display indicator features

  • TFT graphical LED 3.5, 5 or 7" display
  • Multiple virtual indicator layouts selectable from library
  • Standard and custom scale designs
  • Displays 1 or more values
  • 96, 144 or 192 DIN cutouts
  • XDi-Net – a short-cut to CAN bus
  • Reduced wiring and installation
  • Instant repairs on board
  • MED and other relevant class approvals

XDI performance types

XDi series – introduction


Application Notes
Designer's Reference Handbook
Language Documents Revision
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XDi - Flexible Display Indicator

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