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DEIF’s new Remote Maintenance Box (RMB) is a remote management tool for safe maintenance at transformer substations or other electrical installations and operation in scenarios that require the interface/operator panel to be located close to the connection points.

Intuitive to use with a step-by-step sequencer, it enables you to service your substation without interrupting the power supply to your customers and limits exposure to risks.

Operation is extremely simple and service very easy with both visual and audible indication guides alerting you the moment the generator is in phase with the mains, making it safe to reconnect the fuses.

  • Safe interruption of transformer substations
  • Handles load jumps during synchronisation
  • Voltage remains stable during load jumps, with max 2 % deviation
  • Static synchronisation using phase, frequency and voltage control


Data Sheet
Language Documents Revision
Flag eng RMB data sheet 4921240389 UK.pdf A
Designer's Reference Handbook
Language Documents Revision
Flag eng RMB DRH 4189340577 UK.pdf B
Operator's Manual
Language Documents Revision
Flag eng RMB operators manual 4189340730 UK.pdf B

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