Paraguay pusher tug upgraded

DEIF solution expected to cut fuel consumption by 3% for Yeruti

State-of-the-art pusher gets DEIF upgrade

In Paraguay, an upgraded pusher tug relies on DEIF power management systems to deliver the power for heating its IFO. The DEIF solution is expected to cut fuel consumption by 3% annually and ensures sufficient and reliable power.

The Yeruti is a pusher tug operating on the Paraguay and Parana rivers in Paraguay. Following a retrofit project at Shipyard SA carried out by PEBSA SA, DEIF’s distributor in Argentina and Paraguay, the Lloyds Register classified vessel has been upgraded with several new features including the PPM 300 power management system from DEIF.

Proven results with previous DEIF solution

The Yeruti project was the second time that Shipyard SA and PEBSA went with a DEIF solution together. In 2013, PEBSA carried out a similar retrofit project, installing PPM 300 solutions on the Altanero pusher tug. The customer was very satisfied with this solution because it was simple and reliable, and because it saved power in different modes of operation. Choosing DEIF for the Yeruti was therefore very easy for the customer who expects the system to provide several benefits.

02 Switchboard Yeruti

“I believe that the DEIF PPM-3 equipment can allow us an annual saving of 3% of the diesel fuel consumption in the gensets”, says the General Manager. “The main engines run on IFO and need a lot of electric power for heating. The PPM-3 with the Heavy Consumer Management feature allows executing this task with good genset performance”.

Reliable power and convenient control features

The PEBSA solution is designed around DEIF board and running in island and parallel mode. The emergency power 250 kVA Scania-Cramaco genset located in the deckhouse is controlled using a DEIF PPM 300 EDG unit normally working in emergency mode. Together, these gensets provide sufficient power for the boiler, pre-heating unit, feeder/booster unit, and separator unit.

DEIF PPM 300 DG power management system controllers in the main switchboard on the YerutiIn case of maintenance work or failures in one of the auxiliary engines, the PPM-3 EDG can change to Harbour Mode using a simple selector. This provides a great solution for working in parallel mode with the remaining auxiliary genset in the engine room. Another advantage of the PPM-3 is the option of having an additional display mounted on the genset which allows the operator to start it up in local mode without needing to go to the main switchboard, saving valuable time when backup power is needed fast.

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