DEIF iE Marine Series

Intelligent marine energy controllers

Meet the iE 150 Marine, iE 250 Marine, and iE 350 Marine
– a complete range of controllers for any vessel.

From single-asset control to dynamic positioning, the range gives you all
the features you need from one reliable and global supplier.

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iE 150

vessel small icon
Cost-effective and simple controller for coastal vessels and river boats

iE 250

icon vessel big
Flexible and secure controller for oceangoing vessels

iE 350

complex vessel
Advanced modular controller for complex applications

Which iE model is right for you?

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  iE 150 iE 250 iE 350
Applications: Simple asset control and protection plus power management (PMS) and energy management (EMS) Advanced asset control plus power management (PMS) and energy management (EMS) Complex tasks (dynamic positioning and advanced blackout prevention)
Vessel types: Coastal and in-harbour ships, riverboats, crew boats, coasters, and pleasure craft Oceangoing vessels including commercial ships and ferries Oceangoing specialised vessels including OSVs/PSVs
Controllers in PMS/EMS: Up to 7 Unlimited Unlimited
Gensets in PMS: Up to 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Battery in PMS: Up to 2 Multiple on request Multiple on request
Cyber secure
IACS UR E27 certified:
No Certificate pending Certificate pending
Mounting: Front Front or base Base
Hardware: Fixed Flexible I/O Modular, fully flexible
Customisation: M-Logic CustomLogic and CODESYS CustomLogic and CODESYS
SHAFT Generator and Emergency Genset: No Yes Yes
Shore connection: Yes Yes Yes


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