Busbar Protection

The MVR-V211 is a protection relay for voltage and frequency protection of busbars.

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MVR 200 Small Front
MVR 200 Small Angle
MVR 200 Small Front
MVR 200 Small Angle

The MVR-V211 busbar protection relay offers voltage and frequency protection and can operate as a synch-check relay (ASNI 25) for up to three circuit breakers. With its powerful logics programming and expandable communication and I/O it is ideal for compley load shedding and ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) applications.

4x Voltage input (1.00…480.00V (RMS)
3x Digital input
5x Output relay (4NO, 1CO)
1x IRF output (1CO)
2 x Remote com port (1 x RJ45 Ethernet and 1 x RS-485)
- IEC 61850 Ed1, Modbus TCP/RTU, IEC 60870-5-104/103/101, DNP 3.0, SPA protocols
- 5 extension slots for additional hardware options
- Event recorder (up to 15 000 events)
- Disturbance recorder (up to 100 disturbance records)
- Synchro-Check (ANSI 25) for up to three circuit breakers
- Anti Islanding Protection

Available Extension Cards:

- 8x digital inputs (programmable threshold voltage)
- 5x output relays
- Arc-Flash Protection - 4x sensor channels, 2x HSO1, 1x BI *)
- 8x RTD input
- 2x RJ45 100Mb Ethernet & IRIG-B *)
- 2x ST 100Mb Ethernet & IRIG-B *)
- 4x mA outputs - 1 x mA input
- 2x LC 100MB Ethernet (HSR, PRP redundant protocols)
- 2x RJ45 100MB Ethernet (HSR, PRP redundant protocols) *)
- RS-232 - Serial Fiber

*) Land based applications only. Not marine approved

Marine approvals
- Lloyds Registeres LR
- Bureau Vertias BR
- CCS (China)
- CNK (Japan)
- IEC (Israel)
- KR (Korea)
- RINA (Italy)

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