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Insight is a responsive remote monitoring service using advanced and secure cloud data management. Get instant access to data from all units, no matter where they are - or where you are.

DEIF Insight is a unique tool for multiple user types including contractors, service technicians and managers to supervise one or several connected genset controllers. 
A fully customisable online monitoring service, DEIF Insight enables end users to structure and rearrange the dashboard as they see fit. Moreover, managers will find the strong management features for fleets and users very useful.

The easy-to-install and responsive monitoring service uses advanced and secure cloud data management and  is ready for use right after installation – no  programming required. Simply enter your username and password to access your system from any device. Once done, you’re all ready to react on the real-time notifications you receive on your devices. Doesn’t get much simpler than that. 

  • Visualised solution overview via customisable dashboard 
  • World map overview and GPS tracking
  • Alarm notifications (email)
  • Reports (PDF, CSV)
  • Fleet management (unit grouping & scheduling)
  • Flexible user/team management and user permissions
  • Two factor verification for enhanced security
  • Templates for selected DEIF products

Dashboards widgets

  • Direct value visualisation
  • Multiple options of guages
  • World map overview 
  • Group data in lists
  • Show latest notifications
  • Trending with graphs 

Responsive web service

  • Designed for portable devices
  • Works with most popular browsers
  • Requires Insight subscription plan



Insight at Northside

Remote monitoring of your equipment - DEIF Insight intro


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