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For years, the IEC 61131-3 programming languages has been used as the preferred open programming environment in wind turbines. That is why DEIF has chosen to integrate the newest version of CODESYS V3 in the AWC 500 wind turbine controller platform which provides a state-of-the-art programming environment with easy debugging features and very easy integration of external libraries such as Modbus or CANopen devices.


Contact DEIF ( ) for access information for downloading via the AWC 500 FTP area.

The newest CODESYS V3 enables easy programming through all IEC 61131-3-supported languages. A search functionality automatically locates all AWC 500 modules connected to the EtherCat bus system. Predefined application modules offer a very easy access to communication interfaces and peripherals. The main features of the CODESYS environment are introduced in the following, and additional information can be found in the complete technical documentation available online.
Programming editor and debug 
The advanced debugging interface gives complete control of all internal variables without the need for any additional tools. It is easy to set up and use the trace function to monitor time series of selected variables in the application.

I/O configuration 
The AWC 500 platform includes configuration files that can easily be imported into CODESYS V3 and makes the I/O configuration and mapping to memory variables an easy task. Configuration files for all the DEIF AWC 500 I/O modules are included in the CODESYS package that comes with the AWC 500 controller.

CODESYS V3 offers an advanced visualisation tool which is supported by every web browser environment. The visualisation tool is integrated in the CODESYS V3 environment and makes it easy to design the visualisation together with the application programming. Typically, the visualisation can then be accessed from standard panel PCs or workstations. Additionally, DEIF offers a JAVA-based loader for the web visualisation that can be executed on any PC-based system without the need for a web browser.

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