Automatic control and protection

The DEIF solutions for hydro turbine driven generators range from pure generator protection with GPU-3 Hydro to complete turbine, generator and auxiliaries control, e.g. hydraulic power pack control, lubrication, cooling etc., using GPC-3 Hydro and DM 400 Hydro.

DEIF offers standardised systems for the most common turbine types, Francis, Kaplan, and Pelton, but can supply control solutions for all types.

  • Hydro turbine controller for parallel with mains or stand-alone generator
  • Valve controls (main/drain/fill)
  • Water level control
  • Relay or analogue output, including proportional valve control, for speed/power control
  • Turbine control, protection and supervision
  • Generator control, protection and supervision
  • Generator excitation control, with or without DEIF AVR, the DVC 310
Hydro Turbine Generator Control (1)

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