Modular and reliable: Three controllers for all applications

The different hydro turbine types each come with their own specific demand for controls. Also, the required automation level varies from system to system. To meet these demands, DEIF offers a range of dedicated controllers.

Our multi-functional solution integrates all relevant control functions in just two hardware variants that interact with your PLC using communication protocols such as Modbus. Because the multi-functional units manage comprehensive control functions, you require only limited PLC capability.

DEIF’s Delomatic controller is a single unit solution covering all necessary controls for the entire plant. The controller is adapted to the control of various turbine types and their auxiliaries. 

Designed for AC generators ranging from a few kW to 20 MW or more, DEIF’s solutions match any requirements you have, simple or complex, and stand out for their durability and flexibility.

Modular and reliable 

  • 3 controller variants 
  • Free choice of automation level
  • Proven for new installations as well as retrofits
  • Remote control via safe internet connection

Best in class 

  • Adaptable to various turbine types
  • Fully automated for unmanned operation
  • Operator-friendly
  • Remote control from central control room

Cut your costs

  • Water level optimised running
  • Cut in personnel cost
  • Automatic control of auxiliary equipment
  • Free of charge PC programming tool
  • Simone Drejer SSD

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