Generator Differential Protection

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MVR 200 Large Front
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MVR 200 Large Front
MVR 200 Large Angle
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The MVR-G257 is a generator differential protectionrelay for large or critical synchronous generators. It provides voltage and current based protection functions including differential protection and measurement of all vital values to be supervised. Furthermore it can connect up to 16 RTD sensors for thermal alarms and tripping. It comes with 9 avaialable extension slots to extend the device with additional communication interfaces and I/Os.

10x Current input (configurable 0.2…10A)
4x Voltage input (1.00…480.00V (RMS)
3x Digital input
5x Output relay (4NO, 1CO)
1x IRF output (1CO)
2x Remote com port (1 x RJ45 Ethernet and 1 x RS-485)
- IEC 61850 Ed1, Modbus TCP/RTU, IEC 60870-5-104/103/101, DNP 3.0, SPA protocols
- DT, IEC or ANSI time/overcurrent curves with settable release delays
- 9 extension slots for additional hardware options
- Event recorder (up to 15 000 events)
- Disturbance recorder (up to 100 disturbance records)
- Measuring accuracy can be calibrated to Class 0.2
- Differential Protection

Available Extension Cards:

- 8x digital inputs (programmable threshold voltage)
- 5x output relays
- Arc-Flash Protection - 4x sensor channels, 2x HSO1, 1x BI *)
- 8x RTD input
- 2x RJ45 100Mb Ethernet & IRIG-B *)
- 2x ST 100Mb Ethernet & IRIG-B *)
- 4x mA outputs - 1 x mA input
- 2x LC 100MB Ethernet (HSR, PRP redundant protocols)
- 2x RJ45 100MB Ethernet (HSR, PRP redundant protocols) *)
- RS-232 - Serial Fiber

*) Land based applications only. Not marine approved

Marine approvals
- Lloyds Registeres LR
- Bureau Vertias BR
- CCS (China)
- CNK (Japan)
- IEC (Israel)
- KR (Korea)
- RINA (Italy)

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