Automatic adjustment of power & reactive power

The system secures fixed power to grid at a fixed PF as per customer requirement. This is applicable for self-consumption applications with or without sanction load, and IPP applications.

Automatically adjusting power and reactive power references in accordance with frequency and voltage abnormalities, the system is able to provide grid support.

The system is available both as a Power Management solution for systems with multiple sustainable power sources, or as a stand-alone solution for retrofits or existing plants.

Power management solution

  • ASC-4 applicable with AGC-4/AGC 200 controls up to 32 utilities
  • ASC PM applicable with AGC PM controls up to 32 utilities
  • Applications up to 16 sustainable power plants
  • Maximise sustainable power penetration

Stand-alone solution

  • Applicable with 1 utility
  • Maximum 1 sustainable power plant
  • Maximise sustainable power penetration
  • MIC/MIB for detection of mains production
Grid Tied Hybrid Power

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