Grid connected applications

Rental assets are often used in grid connected applications, for example, to provide backup power in critical power applications or during maintenance work on power equipment, for example, transformer substations. For such applications, they need to comply with the grid codes in force, and they need automatic operating modes that support your requirements.

As in off-grid applications on page 6, you can use one or more gensets or ESS units as required, each controlled by a dedicated device. DEIF controllers offer built-in operating modes such as Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) with or without synchronization that ensures fast and unproblematic changeover from grid to genset power, or vice verca, and Mains Power Export (MPE) which allows you to provide ancillary services (grid support).

For protection you can use whether utility grade protection relays or build-in protection protection in our controls. Whatever is required and expected from the grid owner - DEIF will have a solution for you. Next to grid protection do we offer feeder, transformer, busbar, generator and motor protection, as well.

For safe power installation maintenance, you can use the DEIF Remote Maintenance Box (RMB) along with a genset or ESS to take over the load from the equipment to be maintained. After maintenance, you use the RMB to resynchronise the gensets or ESS units with the main supply for recommissioning.

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Rental Grid Connected


RMB (Top)

DEIF’s Remote Maintenance Box (RMB) is a remote management tool for safe maintenance at transformer substations or other electrical installations.

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DVC 350

DVC 350 7

The DVC 350 is a cost-effective digital AVR that offers a wide range of alternator protections and functions. Its digital setup options make it ideally suited for volume production.

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The automatic genset controller AGC-4 Mk II is the world’s most comprehensive genset controller offering all necessary functions for protection and control

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AGC 4 Mk II[2925]



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