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Flexible hardware

Define ultimate flexibility in hardware design with DEIF´s iE 250, tailored to meet the precise needs of your application. Offering two variants, the iE 250 serves to diverse operational preferences: the front-mounted version integrates the controller and display into a single, unit for those favoring a compact solution, while the base-mounted option presents a modular approach, allowing for a separate and even optional display. Ideal for applications with extensive amounts of wiring or users leaning towards a full touchscreen experience.

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The modularity extends further with room for two expansion plug-in cards, making sure that the iE 250 can evolve alongside your requirements. For applications where AC-measurements are not needed, the measurement board can be removed, making the controller not only customizable but also cost-efficient, as this component represents a significant portion of the controller’s value.

Compatibility and expansion are at the core of the iE 250’s design. For more extensive hardware expansion, the controller supports EtherCAT-compatible extension racks. EtherCAT, is a superfast communication protocol, that ensures an optimal experience, enhancing the iE 250’s performance and responsiveness. This comprehensive approach to hardware design and modularity underlines DEIF’s commitment to providing flexible, scalable solutions that adapt to your evolving needs.

Flexible software

Design tailors the iE 250 into a versatile intelligent energy controller built for customizable use in various applications. Starting with a basic core package including essential functionalities, users can add on specialized software packages according to specific requirements. This modular approach allows for cost-effective customization, including options for advanced power management, CODESYS programming enhancements, and expanded connectivity features for comprehensive system integration. Additionally, a premium package is available, offering a complete set of features for users who need an all-in-one solution.

The iE 250 is designed to adapt and grow with the user's needs, making it a scalable solution for a wide range of energy control applications.

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Deliver equipment more finetuned to the application than ever before thanks to unparalleled customization options of your iE 250.

Featuring CustomLogic, the intuitive, drag-and-drop software tool designed for simple yet effective configuration. CustomLogic enables you to tailor specific functions and behaviors with an easy-to-use function-block editor, streamlining the process of creating customized solutions. Whether you are crafting unique configurations from scratch or importing pre-programmed function blocks, CustomLogic provides a seamless and user-friendly approach to further tailor your applications.

For projects requiring an even higher degree of customization or complexity, the iE 250 offers an integrated full-blown Codesys* PLC. This powerful addition allows for the development of bespoke software and visualizations, ensuring complete control over both the interaction with DEIF software and what is displayed on the screen. The combination of CustomLogic and the Codesys PLC ensures that the iE 250 can be precisely adapted to meet the exact needs of any asset, marking a new standard in control solution flexibility.


*CODESYS is an integrated development environment for programming controller applications according to the international industrial standard IEC 61131-3.
CODESYS is developed and marketed by the CODESYS Group that is headquartered in Kempten.

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