Endurance control solution retrofit

Secure your Endurance turbine's energy production the next 20 years

Upgrade your Endurance E3120 turbine and secure energy production the next 20 years

DEIF Wind Power Technology offers a control solution to optimise your turbine’s performance, prolong its operational lifetime and secure your investment.

Control system upgrade

Does your turbine have mechanical problems such as over speed braking or turbine stop, which decreases the energy production? DEIF’s turbine control system retrofit solution is designed with advanced control technology. With improved electrical protection against lightning and surges, your turbine can continue power production instead of stopping in tough weather conditions. 

Take control of your turbine

Independent of ERIC™, DEIF’s control solution gives you full control of all turbine parameters and settings. You can control your turbine with an application for your laptop or mobile phone.

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Pitch control, turbine control or retrofit?

DEIF Wind Power Technology develops and installs innovative green solutions for pitch control, turbine control and retrofit. Overall to secure and increase turbine performance. Choose DEIF's wind power solutions to reduce your Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) and increase your green electricity production.