Unleash the full potential of your controller

To give full ownership and returns on investments, DEIF offers courses at our dedicated training facilities for operators and technicians.

Training programmes  are conducted for small groups and give hands-on experience and greater technical understanding of DEIF’s comprehensive solutions using simulation boards and emulation software in clean, safe and controlled environments.

Our interest is for you to be able to use your product in the most efficient way.

To optimise your experience and prevent future issues with DEIF equipment, the training sessions simulate a wide range of fault conditions without risk of damage to your systems.

Maximise your business

Award-winning global supplier of innovative power management solutions, engine & genset controllers, switchboard equipment, marine bridge instrumentation and renewable energy control solutions.


Looking for software, documentation or whitepapers?

A unique trademark of DEIF for decades, we offer complimentary unrestricted access to software updates, technically detailed product documentation along with educational and inspirational whitepapers on industry-relevant topics of tomorrow.