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Type Product name Link
2EQ & 2EVQ Double voltmeter
2FQ Double frequency meter
2FTQ Double frequency meter
117, 118R & 124 Bells
172 & 173 Diaphragm horns
208 & 212 Electrical Sirens
827 Lantern control panels
879 Wind measuring system
AAL-2 Insulation monitor, AC networks
AAL-111Q96 Insulation monitor
ADL-111Q96 Insulation monitor, DC-networks
AEM 380 & 305 Advanced energy meters
AFC plant management Automatic fuel controller
AGC 100 Automatic genset controller
AGC 150 AGC 150
AGC 150 Hybrid AGC 150 Hybrid
AGC 200 Advanced genset controller
AGC plant management Automatic genset controller
AGC-2 Automatic genset controller
AGC-3 Automatic genset controller
AGC-4 Automatic genset controller
AGC-4 TDU 107 AGC-4 TDU 107
AGI 100 Advanced Graphical Interface
AGI 300 Advanced graphical interface
AGI 400 Advanced graphical interface
AKR 3 Anti knocking regulator
AL8-2 Alarm panel
AOP Additional operator panel
APM 380 & 305 Advanced power meters
APU-4 Advanced protection unit
ASC plant management Automatic sustainable controller
ASC-4 Automatic sustainable controller
ASC-4 Battery Automatic sustainable controller battery
ASR ASK Measuring transformers
AWC 400 AWC 400
AWC 400 AWC 400
AWC 500 AWC 500
B45 DIN rail instrument
BAS-1 Bridge-watch alarm system
BEM Basic energy meter
BEQ Combined ammeter
BGC-2 Basic genset controller
BQ Bimetallic instrument
BRW-1 Bridge Wing Indicator
BRW-2 & BW Bridge wing indicator
CGC 200 Compact genset controller
CGC 400 Compact genset control
CIO 116 CAN bus-based I/O module
CIO 208 CAN bus-based I/O module
CIO 308 CAN bus-based I/O module
CSQ-2 Check Synchronising Relay
CSQ-3 Check synchronising relay
D45 Meters for DIN
DBC-1 Battery charger
DCF-Q96 DC integrator, pulse transmitter
DCP2 (12V, 24V) DC power supply
DGC-1TF & DGC-1TB Load sharing relays
DIM-Q Insulation monitor
DLQ series Illuminated marine bridge Instrument
DLQA series Illuminated 360° azimuth indicators
DLQW series Watertight Marine Instruments With Illumination
DM-3 Multi-function System
DM-4 Gas Delomatic 4 Gas
DM-4 hydro Delomatic 4 hydro
DM-4 land Delomatic 4 land
DM-4 marine Integrated systems
DM-400 gas Integrated systems
DM-400 hydro Integrated systems
DPR Edgewise moving coil
DQ AC/DC current and voltage with 90 ° or 240 ° pointer
DSM Slim edgewise moving coil
DVC 310 Digital voltage controller
DVC 550
E45 Meters for DIN
EC-1 Engine controller
EC-1M Engine controller (marine)
ECU 100 Engine control unit
Emulation Solution Emulation solution
EPN-110DN Electronic potentiometer for DIN
EPOMATIC MS-2 & EC-2 Emergency power automatics
EPQ96 Electronic potentiometers
EPQ96-2 Electronic potentiometer for panel
EQ AC voltage and current with 90 ° pointer
EQ96-sw4 & EQ96-sw7 AC voltage meter with switch
FAS 3N-P & FAS-2N-P Synchronising relays
FAS-2N & FAS-3N & HAS-2N Synchronising relays
FAS-113DG Synchronisation & circuit breaker closing
FAS-115DG Synchronisation & circuit breaker closing
FAS-125D Synchroniser
FQ &FTQ Frequency meter
G59 Protection relay package
GC-1 Generator Controller
GC-1F Genset controller flat
GC-1M Generator controller marine
GCU 100 Genset control unit
GEPIMAX Protection relays for generating sets
GPC-2 Generator Paralleling Controller
GPC-3 Generator paralleling controller
GPC-3 gas Generator paralleling controller
GPC-3 hydro Generator paralleling controller
GPU 300 Generator protection unit
GPU hydro Generator Protection Unit
GPU-2 Generator Protection Unit
GPU-3 Generator protection unit
GPU-3 gas Generator protection unit
GPU-3 hydro Generator protection unit
HAS-111DG Synchronisation & circuit breaker closing
HC 36/24 Running hours counter
HC 48 Running hours counter
HCQ48 Running hours counters
IMD 100 Integrated Motor Drive
IMD 100 IMD 100
Interfaces for AEM & APM Interfaces for AEM & APM
KBU Split core transformer
KSE72-1N Key starter
KSU & SUSK Summation transformer
LAN server LAN server
LMR-1N Mains loss relays
LMR-111D Loss of mains relay
LMR-122D Loss of mains relay
LSQ Single-function synchroscope
LSU-112DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
LSU-113DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
LSU-114DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
LSU-122DG Load sharing, paralleling & operation
MDR-1 Multi-differential protection relays
MDR-2 Multi-differential relay
MGC-1 Multi Generator Controllers
MIB Multi-instrument
MIC Multi-instrument
MIC-2 Multi-instrument
MIC-2 MKII Multi-instrument
MIC-2 MKII DIN Multi-instrument
MIQ96 Multi-instrument
MIQ96-2 Multi-instrument
MIQ96-3 Multi-instrument
MPC-1 Multi power controllers
MTR-1 Multi Transducers
MTR-2 Multi Transducers
MTR-3 Multi-transducer
MTR-3 Wind MTR-3 Wind
MTR-4 Multi-transducer
MVR-200 MVR-200
NEQ Zero voltage meter
PCM5-1 PCM5-1
PCT Power current transformer
PFQ Power factor meter
PHQ Phase sequence meter
PIR25-1 & PIR25-2 Remote position indicator
PLC-Link PLC-Link
Power supply Power supply
PPM 300 Protection & power management
PPM-2 PPU Power Management
PPM-3 Protection & power management
PPU 300 Generator protection unit
PPU-2 Generator paralleling and protection unit
PPU-3 Paralleling & protection unit
PTQ Temperature meter
Remote Access Support Remote Access Support
RMB Remote maintenance box
RMC-111D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-121D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-122D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-131D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-132D Current and short circuit relay
RMC-142D Current and short circuit relay
RMF-112D Frequency relay
RMP-111D Power protection relay
RMP-112D Power protection relay
RMP-121D Power protection relay
RMQ-111D & RMQ-121D Loss of excitation relay
RMT-111Q96 Phase sequence meter
RMV-112D Voltage relay
RMV-122D Voltage relay
RMV-132D Voltage relay
RMV-142D Voltage relay
RSQ-2 Read Synchroscope
RSQ-3 Read synchroscope
RT-1 Rudder transmitter
RT-2 Rudder angle transmitter
RTA 602 Rudder transmitter
RTC 300 & RTC 600 Rudde angle transmitter
SASR & SASK Protection transformers
SCT Split core current Transformers
SGC 110 SGC 110
SGC 120-121 SGC 120-121
SGC 410 SGC 410
SGC 420-421 SGC 420-421
Shunt resistors Shunt resistors
SIM-Q Insulation monitor, AC/DC-networks
TAC-311DG Single-function transducer
TAC-321DG Single-function transducer
TAE-2 Energy meter
TAP-210D & TAA-210DG & TAV-210DG Phase angle transducer
TAS-311DG Selectable transducer
TAS-321DG Selectable transducer
TAS-331DG Selectable transducer
TAV-311DG Single-function transducer
TAV-321DG Single-function transducer
TAX-312DG-1 Dual output power transducer
TDG-210DG Insulation amplifier
TDU 107 TDU 107
TEMAX-3 Temperature transducer
TMF-210DG Mains Frequency Transducers
TRANSAL Unfitness and alarm system
TRI-1 Rudder angle indicator
TRI-2 Panorama rudder indicator
Type MALLING 845 Alarm and monitoring system
Type MALLING 869 Extension alarm system
Type MALLING 869.25 & 869.26 Extension alarm system
UAS-1 Unfitness and alarm system
UCM-90 UCM-90
Unimatic Power management system
USW-3 DEIF utility software
VDQ AC/DC current and voltage with 90 ° or 240 ° pointer
VDQ96-sw AC current meter with switch
VTR-3 Bridge wing indicator
VTR-5 Bridge wing indicator
WAU 100 WAU 100
WQ Power meter
WQR96, WQ2R96, WQR96-x & WQR96-c kWh meters
WSDI Indicator
WSDI-2 Wind display
WSI Interface box
WSK Primary winding transformer
WSS & WSS-L Wind sensor static
WSS 500 & WSS 550 Wind sensor static
WSS 700 & WSS 750 Wind sensor
XDi Flexible display indicator
XDi-N Navigation
XDi-N wind
XL Illuminated panel indicator