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Facts and values

DEIF was established in 1933 by Erling Foss and his two partners in a backyard in the Danish capital Copenhagen. The acronym DEIF is derived from the company’s original name, Danish Electro Instrument Factory. The company assembled and mounted (by hand) basic electromagnetic measuring instruments. Focus was on precision and robustness.

Today, the DEIF Group is fully owned and managed by the founder's son, Toke Foss. The products have become much more advanced, and the marketplace has been expanded to include the entire world. Yet, focus on quality, reliability and service remains the same.

Despite the expansion to sell and service solutions and products anywhere in the world, production and R&D remains located at DEIF’s Danish headquarter in Skive, Jutland.

Our solutions provide cost-effective technologies to meet the toughest customer demands and performance needs. We’re dedicated to delivering environmentally improved solutions and you’ll find that our product and solutions portfolio is unmatched in the industry. Add to that a global service and support network supported by numerous hands-on training locations around the world.

Annual report

Group overview, consolidated financial highlights and KPI's, report:

Annual Report 2018

Read about DEIF’s activities and initiatives on the global energy and marine markets to provide technology that helps to improve the environment and supports green growth.

DEIF Annual Report 2018

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