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Export Control

DEIF A/S and its affiliates (collectively, “DEIF”) is committed to fully comply with all applicable import, export, customs and trade control and regulations, licensing requirements and other relevant laws and economic sanctions (“Export Control Laws”).

DEIF’s Export Control Committee ensures that the Export Control Laws are complied with and determines whether an official approval is required for re-exportation of DEIF’s supplied material in accordance with the Export Control Laws. Specialists at DEIF have assessed that the products in our current product portfolio do not require an official export approval.


If you have any questions regarding export control, please contact Peter K. Fröhlich at or Anne Diness at

Members of the Export Control Committee

Peter K. Fröhlich: Sales, including distributors

Anne Diness: General Counsel, Legal

Mette Sørensen: Logistics

Jette-Marie G. Kragh: Component/suppliers

Michael Jensen: Development/technology

Claus Wendelin Jensen: Product/technology (Land Power & Marine & Offshore)

Jacob Danielsen: Product/technology (Wind Power)

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