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DEIF’s extensive product portfolio is one of the most comprehensive on the global marine market, ranging from quality analogue instrumentation and cost-effective single and multi-function controller platforms to engineered solutions for the offshore oil and gas industry’s ships and rigs. DEIF’s control concepts eliminate the need for external controllers and are user-friendly alternatives to standard controllers.

Although the economic crisis has affected the ship building industry and the marine and offshore market negatively, DEIF has countered the downturn and increased its market shares thanks to our competences in meeting the demands of increasingly complex new constructions with equally complex electrical systems.

Oil prices and the focus on emissions are drivers for fuel optimisation solutions and a growing retrofit industry. Already committed to Green Marine goals, DEIF has a history of developing energy-efficient products and solutions that reduce fuel consumption and maintenance intervals, while cutting emissions.

A DEIF solution is a greener choice because it means optimised operation: life extensions and other advanced technologies make our customers’ assets more valuable and operationally more efficient.

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