More than speed control

Integrated control solutions with all necessary features for a complete plant

To make the most of your steam turbines, you need intelligent and flexible control that extends beyond the turbine itself: A fully-featured steam governor is critical, but in today’s fast-evolving energy sector you may also need power management to carry out load shedding and ensure tight integration with the grid, energy storage, or renewables.

With DEIF, you get integrated steam governor and power management solutions for steam turbines in applications including utility heat and power generation and industrial heating and processing. We help you enhance the efficiency of your processes and power systems, and we support you in seamlessly integrating multiple energy sources.


Discover our solutions for steam turbine plants

All devices for steam control

The Steam Turbine Governor application running on our AWC 500 controller gives you the features you need to monitor and control your steam turbine. The AGC Steam controller lets you set up a steam power management solution, and other DEIF controllers let you integrate your turbine with mains, energy storage, renewables, and other sources. You can add load shedding and balance your plant using our AMC 600 platform, and DEIF offers displays, relays, synchroscopes, power supplies, and more to help you build a complete steam plant control solution.

Compatible with several turbine types

Different turbine types give you different benefits, from maximum generation efficiency to high flexibility. You can use our governor software with condensing turbines, extraction turbines, and back pressure turbines – and reconfigure it as needed.

Power management expertise

With a DEIF power management solution, you get redundancy, flexibility, efficiency, and low-emission performance by drawing on our decades of expertise in controlling, synchronising, and coordinating a wide range of energy sources.

Islanding or grid parallel

Our control devices give you reliable performance, no matter if your steam turbine is used in island applications or in a grid-parallel plant where you need close integration with utility power.

Ready for a future of renewable power

To reduce the climate impact of the energy sector, new ways of generating, distributing, and storing energy are being developed. With our devices, you can develop future-proof steam-based solutions that contribute to that evolution by increasing efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.


Indian steel-works maximises CPP utilisation with DEIF power management

“The new solution will certainly make my job easier,” says plant manager Rajesh Rangu of Singhal Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Discover how this leading Indian steel-works used DEIF controllers to solve utilisation and control issues with its steam turbines.

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