Special vessels

Integrated power control concepts securing safe and accurate operation

With a record of more than 80 years of proven experience and know-how, DEIF specialists have the experience and competences to give consultancy advice on external systems interfacing with DEIF equipment.

Catering to the particular needs of special vessels, DEIF develops solutions with integrated control concepts that bolster customer requirements for safe and accurate operation.

Getting it right from the start, we advise customers with specifications, project-specific documentation, I/O lists, and parameter lists including check of customer drawings.

Developed by our expert project managers with environmental and longer-life advantages for valuable equipment, more often than not these solutions are not just customised but cost-efficient alternatives to standard controllers.

Consultancy & project solutions

  • Dedicated consultancy and project engineers
  • Global service & support & hands-on training in 14 locations 
  • Engineered for your specific demands or consultancy setup
  • Software Quality Plan (SQP) approvals

Complex solution provider

  • Waste heat recovery solution
  • DC busbar application handling
  • Variable main engine speed and compensated thruster pitch
  • Integrated load group control

Know-how & experience

  • Patented and patent pending technology
  • Qualified, specialist engineers
  • Emulation Technology: pre-installation design test
  • More than 80 years of proven experience
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