»DEIF has developed a series of instruments perfectly suited for monitoring and analysing marine electrical systems.«

SEMS installed without interrupting operations

Green cost savings

Built in 1996, Margrete Læsø is a ferry with a 589 passenger capacity and room for 76 cars. Crucial criteria to the owners, the new energy monitoring system from DEIF was to be installed and commissioned without interrupting commercial operations and also allow for measuring point changes at a later point in time.

Cooperating with the crew, the measuring points were identified, aiming to find potential energy wasters. The installation was carried out in time slots between normal operations and did not require dismantling of any cables, since DEIF's split-core current transformers can be snapped on to existing wiring.

Using the ferry’s existing technical local network, all DEIF MIC-2s were easily connected, allowing for transfer of power, energy and power quality measurements. All data is collected by a data acquisition unit with a graphical user-interface that displays relevant data, enabling the crew to intervene earlier and stop energy waste.

Færgeselskabet Læsø

serves the daily route between Frederikshavn on the continental peninsula Jutland and the island of Læsø in the North Sea Bay of Kattegat with the ferries Margrete Læsø and Ane Læsø.

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