Off-grid power management - Greenfield

Securing uptime with intelligent spinning reserve features, this automated solution guarantees minimum fuel consumption by maximising PV penetration without compromising minimum genset load requirements. 

The DEIF power management automatically optimises the number of gensets connected to the busbar. In plants with different size gensets, the system even rotates the gensets automatically to ensure the most fuel-optimised genset match in accordance with the load request. Using CAN bus links between each power source, the reactive system boasts fast response times to changes in load demand or weather conditions. 

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Off Grid Greenfield

ASC 150 Solar

ASC 150 Solar Front

The ASC 150 Solar provides effective, flexible, and scalable photovoltaic (PV) inverter control with a wide range of options for greenfield and brownfield hybrid power applications.

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ASC-4 Solar

ASC 4 Solar

Ideally suited for greenfield hybrid power plants, the ASC-4 Solar controller can interface with other DEIF controllers and a wide range of PV inverters, enabling you to integrate solar power in greenfield applications and maximise sustainable power penetration.

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ASC 150 Storage

ASC 150 Storage Front

The ASC 150 Storage provides effective, flexible, and scalable energy storage system (ESS) control with a wide range of options for greenfield and brownfield hybrid power applications.

It can be used on its own for ESS/hybrid rental or integrated in third-party plant control solutions or a DEIF power management system.

The controller optimises the battery power, to save fuel and maximise green penetration.

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ASC-4 Battery

ASC 4 Battery Front

The ASC-4 Battery lets you quickly and easily add energy storage systems (ESS) such as batteries in greenfield hybrid applications with other DEIF controllers, providing seamless energy storage in commercial and industrial applications.

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ASC-4 Wind

ASC 4 Wind

With its ability to control one turbine or an entire wind park, the ASC-4 Wind sustainable controller allows integration of wind power in any power plant. It can be used in an intelligent power or energy management system (PMS/EMS), balancing sources to cover demand while maximising renewable power penetration. The ASC-4 Wind is available as a fully customised solution for specific projects and is ideally suited for hybrid microgrid applications.

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AGC 150 Generator

AGC 150 Front

The AGC 150 Genset controller containing all necessary functions for control and protection of a genset. The slim design makes the genset controller suitable for paralleling even small gensets thus the AGC 150 is integrable in nearly all types of gensets.

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AGC 4 Mk II (Back) Umbraco

The automatic genset controller AGC-4 Mk II is the world’s most comprehensive genset controller offering all necessary functions for protection and control

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