Digital security for ships and crews

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Login and role-based authorisation

A digital system is only ever as safe as the users who operate it, and the iE 350 Marine has been designed to ensure that only authorised users can access the system. All users must sign in using their login credentials, and their user role determines what they can do with the controller: If they are not authorised to carry out parameter changes, the controller simply will not let them do it.

If you notice unexpected changes, you can accurately track who carried them out, and casual passers-by cannot operate the iE 350 Marine at all if they do not have credentials that let them access the controller.

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Legit firmware updates – every time

Unless handled with care, controller software updates can be a risky undertaking: How can you be sure that an attacker will not upload malicious software to your onboard controller and take control of your systems? With the iE 350 Marine, you do not need to worry: The Root-of-Trust technology of the controller means that it will only accept, install, and run updates that come directly from DEIF and have been digitally signed by us.

This means that whenever you power up the iE 350 Marine, you can be sure that the software running under the hood is legit and will not allow hackers to access your systems.

Resilience against network storms

The iE 350 Marine protects you from more than one type of storm at sea: We have tested the controller to verify that it can withstand network storms (also known as denial of service attacks; a cyberattack strategy where attackers attempt to take down your control systems by flooding them with communication requests).

This resilience is a major reason the iE 350 Marine complies with the revised E27 unified requirement from the IACS which applies to a wide range of newbuilt vessels from 1 July 2024.

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