DEIF hybrid controls – market trends and new product features

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Hybrid ecosystems are a viable proposition in many power applications, and development is happening fast. In this webinar, you’ll get an overview of hybrid market trends and a useful introduction to new DEIF product features that help you make the most of hybrid ecosystems – and to our Clean and Green strategy which sets the direction for our efforts to improve sustainability in power applications.

We’ll cover a wide range of topics, for example the newest version of the AGC 150 Hybrid application software which lets you save on external converters and installation/setup. We’ll discuss new tried-and-tested PV and BESS protocols that let you choose from a wide range of PV suppliers and brands and achieve higher BESS configuration flexibility in your application. We’ll even talk about old and half-forgotten approaches such as closed loop operation and inverter control. Finally, we take a quick look in the crystal ball to identify probable future trends and developments in the hybrid market.


  • DEIF’s hybrid strategy
    • Market and trends
    • Hybrid ecosystems
  • EMS functions
    • Old and new
  • New product features
    • ASC release 4.19.0
    • AGC 150 Hybrid 1.08.0
    • New PV and BESS protocols
  • What’s next?

The webinar will be presented by Product Manager Jacob Danielsen who is responsible for our Hybrid and Wind Pitch System segments. With 14+ years of experience at DEIF working with land power gensets, wind applications, and (for the past 3 years) hybrid systems, Jacob combines solid knowledge of customer and market needs to deliver green products and solutions.

After the webinar, you will have a good understanding of current hybrid market trends, and how our energy management products and solutions can help you improve sustainability in your applications.