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The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:


  • Update of self-check functionality
Ver. Date Description




  • Update of self-check functionality




  • Menu for Voltage Trip (Phase-Phase or Phase-Neutral) removed.




  • Handling of MB in VDE0108 AUS mode updated.
  • Rampdown updated.
  • Returning from JUMP menu sets to main view.
  • Mode "Load take over" updated.
  • Digital input alarm handling updated.
  • Emergency stop default set to OFF.




  • Setting if WARNING fail class should autoreset or not added
  • Analogue input readings optimised for better precision
  • Alarm acknowledge updated for option VDE0108
  • Factory settings of var export/import changed
  • interface to USW regarding inputs optimised
  • Analogue input board (option M15) reading optimised
  • Test mode updated




  • When breaker position is unknown, breaker LED will be flashing red.
  • Now possible to open GB in Island SEMI when Loadshare not present and breaker alarms active.
  • Ramp down added to TEST mode.
  • GB opens immediately in MAN mode when activated.
  • RPM max. settings changed from 2000 to 4000. Overspeed alarms corrected according to this. Improved handling when using external power setpoint.
  • Password to changing password changed. Must use master password level to change master password. Must use OEM password level to change OEM password.
  • In VDE0108 alarm horn is now set off when first alarm of multiple alarms is acknowledged.
  • Display is updated when using binary input for alarm acknowledge




  • Governor and AVR offset function modified




  • Manual stop in AUTO mode is changed
  • Test mode handling changed
  • Handling of other languages than English is changed




  • Handling of mains breaker supervision when using contactor setting changed to avoid alarm when combined with zero-voltage coil trip of mains.




  • Gen-set will ramp up in TEST mode.
  • Underlined characters of extended ASCII-table added.




  • USW interface improved
  • Reset regulation functionality adjusted
  • Settings possibilities for Emergency stop-menu extended
  • Handling of GB and MB modified




  • Manufactor name for CAN-open option changed
  • Option H4 - minor chnnges
  • USW interface regarding GB and MB extended
  • Alarm inhibit functionality changed during stop-sequence
  • Short circuit protection functionality changed
  • Failclass 'Warning' functionality improved
  • Functionality of frequency and voltage acceptance detection changed
  • Check of language added to USW control
  • GSM option menu extended
  • Service timers functionality added to USW
  • Event log update functionality changed
  • GB feedback handling changed
  • Single running in Island-mode functionality changed
  • Running hour calculation improved



New features:

  • Modeshift can now be controlled with digital input or menu 4440
  • Stop mode in menu 4900 added
  • Option for support of VDE0108 is added
  • GB position error can be deactivated (digital configurable input set to 'not used')
  • Kvarh (import / export) counter added
  • Sprinkler-mode functionality changed to include Short circuit 1,2
  • Start attempt counter added
  • New menu for number of sprinkler start attempt is added
  • 'Load take over'-mode added
  • Emergency power relay output added
  • Collective fault output added
  • 'Ready for operation' functionality added
  • Possibility for activation of Test mode with conf. digital input added
  • Possibility for 2 X option M13 or M14 added
  • SMS module updated with ID number in every message
  • SMS module updated with alarmbuffer, all alarms will now be sent
  • Modbus communication is optimised


  • SMS module is stopped if no phone-numbers are used
  • CCM communication is optimised
  • W_L menu and functionality removed
  • Static charger menu and functionality removed
  • Voltage level for running detection changed
  • Timing changed, if modeshift is on and mains failure occur
  • 'Peak current' renamed for 'Short circuit'
  • H4 option shown in USW
  • If a mains fail occurs during TEST mode the AMF sequence will start
  • USW stop command optimised
  • Static sync improved function
  • Improved power factor calculation
  • Password handling optimised
  • Menu handling in regard to Option A1 A2 A3 optimised
  • Default setting for secondary value for current trafo's for Generator and busbar changed
  • Counter handling (hours, CB, MB operations) optimised
  • Deload is interrupted if remote start/stop is changed from start -> stop -> start
  • MB operations optimsed during change of configuration
  • Function of Relay 13 optimised
  • Menu handling in regard to loadshare PCB optimised
  • Menu handling for Option M13 optimised
  • Possibility for Test-mode in Island mode removed
  • Mains-failure detection improved
  • Start enables functionality improved
  • Log-functionality improved
  • Failclass handling in auto mode optimised




  • Security regarding write/erase operation in boot-sector is improved.




  • The 8 Start/stop menus are adjusted
  • Menu 4250, 'ID BAUD' -> 'TYPE' corrected



New features:

  • Can-Open support enabled
  • 'JDEC' engine communication added


  • Line 3 adjusted when 'mode button' is used
  • Eventlog secured when power up less than 3sec
  • Frequency measurement below 20Hz is disabled due to a problem under stopping the gen-set.  This could in rare cases generate a reset of the unit.
  • Timing in case of 'MB trip externt' adjusted




  • Changed max limit in menu 1290 1300 from 300% -> 350%
  • Changed text string for 2180 + 2190 (Deadband - > limit)
  • Removed PF control settings, not used



New features:

  • Option H4 CCM Caterpiller


  • SMS phonenumber-interface to USW adjusted
  • Peak-current measurement improved
  • dfdt and vector-jump function improved
  • Stop of gen-set if mains-fail is added
  • Energy counters added



New features:

  • Possibility to configure input for Alarm Acknowledge added
  • Possibility to configure input for Alarm Inhibit added
  • Possibiblity for activating fuel-logic


  • Close of MB in auto changed
  • Text changed: 'Sprinker' -> 'Fire pump'
  • Generator protection moved into Option C1
  • Display update sequence optimized
  • VDO-input for fuel-logic is optimized



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