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Hybrid/Microgrid training

Who should attend?

This training session is geared towards operators, field service techs/engineers, and design engineers.

Important topics discussed

  • Off-grid PV solution—combination of PV + diesel generator and/or battery
  • Grid-tied PV only solution—combination of PV + DG + utility
  • Battery solution—power source vs energy source, handling of charging and discharging scheme
  • Putting it all together—PV + battery + generator + utility

Controllers discussed in this training

AGC-4ASC-4DVC-310AGC 150

Expected outcome

From this course, the attendee will have a good understanding of what is needed to set up a hybrid/microgrid application using the various controllers and components offered by DEIF. This will include knowledge of the control schemes that take place between the generator, battery, solar, and utility controllers to provide stable power to the end user. The attendee will learn the role of each component discussed, will get an overview of the utility software used to interface with the controllers, and will understand how everything fits together to accomplish the end goal of having a reliable hybrid/microgrid application. 

Training is the cornerstone to success

With the rapid advances in generator control and the increasingly sophisticated communication between engines themselves, it has become more necessary than ever for operators and service personnel to receive hands-on training.
DEIF commits to providing our customers with the information and resources necessary for the efficient use of our products. To that end, we offer training sessions for you and your associates to help you learn how to use DEIF generator controllers and software appropriately on our simulation equipment. Attending a DEIF training session will enable you to provide your customers with cost-efficient solutions that meet all common requirements.

We believe in learning by doing. Thus our courses involve hands-on training with simulation and emulation equipment in a clean, hazard-free, and controlled environment. Together we will simulate and troubleshoot a wide range of typical fault conditions and also applications based on input from the course participants without risking damage to your plant.

The sessions are carried out in small groups for greater flexibility and more involvement.

Title Date Location Price Status
Hybrid/ Microgrid 9/29/2020 - 9/30/2020 Wood Dale, Illinois FREE Available
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