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Get FREE product and application training in 2020

Add value for your customers or end users, and for your own business: Throughout 2020, DEIF is offering FREE product and application training geared towards operators, field service techs, service engineers, and design engineers working in the marine, rental, critical power, and hybrid microgrid sectors. Take this opportunity to expand your skill set, or those of your employees, associates, or partners!

Add value for customers or end-users—and your business

With the rapid advances in generator control and the increasingly sophisticated communication between engines themselves, it has become more necessary than ever for operators and service personnel to receive hands-on training to stay up to date on recent developments. Lower fuel costs, improved reliability, better integration of renewables, and reliable remote monitoring and analytics are just some of the benefits you can realize—if you know how.

Our training sessions show how you can exploit the features of our state-of-the-art technology to provide reliable power solutions more efficiently and economically than ever before. The sessions give you the knowledge and practical skills to add value to the businesses of your customers or end users—and to your own business: By updating your skill set, you get a competitive edge, and you increase employee motivation and job satisfaction.

Customized hands-on learning

We carry out our training sessions using simulation and emulation equipment in a clean, hazard-free, and controlled environment. Through hands-on experience with DEIF equipment, participants learn to connect and setup/program controllers to suit their applications—and troubleshoot a wide range of typical fault conditions.

We encourage participants to suggest applications to be covered in the sessions, ensuring that everyone leaves with learnings that can be put to great use in their daily jobs. The training sessions are carried out in small groups for greater flexibility and more involvement.

Get an overview, and sign up now!

Get our free training while you can: As of 2021, sessions will be $750 each. Click a link in the table below to read more about each session, and to sign up. There is a limited number of seats, so don’t delay!

Date Training segment
April 7/8 Marine
April 21/22 Rental
May 5/6 Critical Power
May 19/20 Hybrid/Microgrid
June 9/10 Marine
June 23/24 Rental
July 7/8 Critical Power
July 21/22 Hybrid/Microgrid
Aug. 4/5 Marine
Aug. 18/19 Rental
Sep. 15/16 Critical Power
Sep. 29/30 Hybrid/Microgrid

All training sessions are carried out at our facilities in Wood Dale, IL, minutes away from Chicago O'Hare International Airport. Sessions are open to all current and potential DEIF customers from North America.

All sessions are free of charge but please note that you must cover transportation and accommodation costs, if applicable.