DEIF MiddleEast FZE

DEIF Middle East FZE, located at Jebel Ali , Dubai  is part of the international DEIF Group. We develop, manufacture and sell high-quality engine & gen-set controls along with a wide range of other control, protection and instrumentation products for decentralised power generation. 

DEIF MiddleEast  is devoted to offering quick and accurate customer service. We have always strived to give our customers a competitive edge by delivering state-of-the-art solutions based on superior product quality, flexible functionality, service and commitment. 

DEIF MiddleEast provides support for the complete range of DEIF products. This includes commissioning assistance on site, application, consultancy, and engineering support. 

In addition to courses at our in-house training facilities, we offer on-site trainings at your premises using your own switchboards and gensets. Training courses are individually arranged according to your applications and demands of knowledge.

Training centre

DEIF MiddleEast FZE , Dubai has the setup of simulator panels with Automatic Genset Controller (AGC-4) and PPM-3. It is a full-scale simulator identical to all simulators used in the DEIF group on a worldwide scale.

The simulators are used for both land and marine applications for synchronising, load-sharing and power management simulation.

For land applications, it is possible to run various schemes as Automatic Mains Failure, island operation, fixed power, peak shaving, load take over and mains power export with single or multiple generators.

For marine applications, it is possible to simulate a power management system with up to two generators, one tie-breaker and two shaft generators. The system simulates power management with load-dependent start/stop as well as heavy consumer and non-essential load handling.

Training levels


  • Customer type: End-user
  • Description: The end-user will be able to operate and work with the DEIF controllers.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Products: AGC - PPM 


  • Customer type: Service technicians
  • Description:  The service technicians can install and commission the DEIF units even in complex applications
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Products: AGC - PPM


  • Customer type: Designers
  • Description: The designer will know which DEIF product(s) will meet their application requirements and then how to design the DEIF products into their switchboard system.
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Products: AGC - PPM

Practical information

DEIF will provide training materials, lunch, and light refreshments during all training courses. Our training rates do not include transportation or hotel fees, but we can provide a recommendation on local hotels where DEIF MiddleEast has established corporate rates.

Please contact DEIF MiddleEast to book and confirm your attendance quickly as class size is limited.