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Service - CGC 400


This two day training course is developed to meet the requirements of the markets in which we operate. This enables our customers to use our products appropriately and optimizes theirs daily operations. 


You will learn how to use the controller and obtain in-depth knowledge of the functionalities it offers.

After reviewing basic controller concepts, you will be given the opportunity for practical, hands-on experience. You will be instructed how to access the menus from the front panel display screen to activate, commission and troubleshoot typical applications.

You will learn how to use the different configuration inputs, modes of operation (AMF, Load take Over and Island) and how to change protection settings.

You will learn how to connect the utility software and configure I/Os, parameter settings. This will also involve configuring the command timers and using the utility software as a troubleshooting tool.

  • Agenda:
  • Product overview
  • Documentation on the internet
  • PC utility software: fail classes, inhibits, etc.
  • Short description about our plant philosophy: What is SEMI-Auto, AUTO, etc.
  • Focus on installing the system, general functions, M-logic, input settings
  • Commissioning guide
  • Primary practical on the switchboard. The daily operation. How to change parameters for optimal operation, how to use the display, change plant modes
  • How to use the Command Timers