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Full gas engine control

Retrofits are one of our core competencies. Replacing existing OEM genset controllers with 1:1 conversions or according to customer specifications, we can have an entire system up and running in just a few days.

Control all types, makes and sizes 

Efficiently and regardless if your gas is bio, natural, landfill or other, our control solutions will enable you to convert it into energy like no other systems. The size of your application is not an issue for us. Nor is the type and make of your gas engine or turbine. 

Costs down – value up

DEIF solutions are designed to optimise operation and reduce gas consumption. Your expenses will drop from day one. You will always be backed by a team of experienced service and support engineers. 

You name it – we develop it 

DEIF’s standard controllers are extremely flexible and will accommodate most of your needs. But we are also happy to develop completely unique solutions designed exclusively for your specific application. The solutions are subject to continuous review and approval by our quality-conscious customers.

Land power application guide

The land power application guide offers a complete overview of everything from solutions and services to product overviews.

Land power application guide

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