Critical power

When down-time is not an option

DEIF has a strong track record in developing emergency, standby and backup power solutions for mission-critical facilities and businesses. We have tailored solutions for a wide range of hospital services, industrial process control, data centres, telecommunications, and tv and radio broadcast systems.

DEIF’s turnkey solutions incorporate intelligent power distribution and controls, switchgear, and generator and grid protection to guarantee uninterrupted power supplies in cases of mains failure.

We design and integrate Power Management Systems with unique standby capacities and can deliver record start-up from an impressive six seconds for multiple gensets in parallel, redundant control systems, or even an entire redundant power plant.

For comparing the benefits of using PLC solutions versus multi-master controlled power management systems (MM PMS) to control the critical power system. Download whitepaper here.

Is your emergency & backup power system efficient enough? Download whitepaper here.

See how Oslo hospital went from a decentralised, fragmented system to one with full control and remote monitoring with DEIF. Read the case story here.


Critical power solutions

Companies across the globe trust us to deliver critical power solutions. See how our customers use DEIF critical power solutions on the map below. The larger dots reveal more information on click.

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Why run the risk?

22% of all data centre outages are caused by human error. DEIF solutions counter that with automatic & redundant backup power.

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