Multi-line 300 PPM 300 ver. 1.x.x.

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The main changes implemented since the last version are as follows:


  • HC with fixed feedback, request signal type is now selectable as either pulse or continuous.
  • HC with variable feedback, request signal type changed from pulse to continuous.
  • SC overlap response time improved.
  • Added unbalance detection limit. Prevents detection of incorrect "unbalance alarm".


Ver. Date Description



  • HC with fixed feedback, request signal type is now selectable as either pulse or continuous.
  • HC with variable feedback, request signal type changed from pulse to continuous.
  • SC overlap response time improved.
  • Added unbalance detection limit. Prevents detection of incorrect "unbalance alarm".

19/01/2018 based on

    1 - Improved priority list resolution mechanism, to avoid alarm "Priority error".


PPM 300 based on

    1 - Default value for parameter "Missing controllers" changed from 1 to 2.


PPM 300 based on

New features:
   1  - Graphical representation of curve-related settings.
   2  - Controller type specialised live views.
   3  - Support of lamp test function.
   4  - Support of controller identify function.
   5  - Critical Process Error alarm.
   6  - Emergency generator not ready to start alarm.
   7  - Shaft generator f[Hz] variation feature.
   8  - On EDG, alarms are always shown even if configured as "suppressed".
   9  - Harbour mode acknowledge feature.
   10 - Critical alarm on controller will only force other controllers in section into switchboard mode if controller is supplying the busbar.

   1  - Misleading group name "Power supply" in parameter tree fixed.
   2  - Alarm text for GOV and AVR misconfigured output updated.
   3  - Various Modbus texts updated.
   4  - Hardware alarm no longer trips breaker.
   5  - Regulator concept "Fixed power factor" redefined to "Fixed cos phi".
   6  - Various card firmware updated.
   7  - Alarms are no longer auto-acknowledged as default.
   8  - Reverse power protection default settings aligned with DNV-GL requirements.
   9  - Blackout detection mismatch alarm removed from BTB.

   1  - Compact breaker sequence improved.
   2  - Detection of "Priority network error" alarm improved.
   3  - GB block close now also possible in "auto".
   4  - Inverse time over-current alarm is now inhibited during blackout handling
   5  - Regulators now remain active during cooldown.
   6  - Running feedback from MPU and oil pressure improved.
   7  - EDG blackout recovery improved.
   8  - EDG "Max. parallel time" alarm detection improved.

DU 300 based on

New features:
- Live data dynamic reload integration
- Message box popup

- Added display specific support for introspecting memory data
- Update ID and labels on pair screen when entering the screen
- Custom curves max precision changed from 2 to 8
- Support for REST
- Improvement to log output
- Added direction to command list

- Inhibit counter on the parameters was showing wrong number of inhibits
- Comma insted of dot between the (rack#,slot#) presentation of card name
- Identify did not work when logged on
- Corrections to dynamic reload of livedata
- Corrections to eventlog navigation
- Update value list on changes
- Applying broadcast storm filter on startup
- Display not showing Priority
- Pair controller not working correctly with rework.


This software package consist of:

  • Multi-line 300, PPM 300
  • Bundled with DU 300 SW version


PPM 300 

New features:
   1 - SC overlap.
   2 - Additional information regarding alarms, breaker-, busbar- and generator status is made available on Modbus.
   3 - Power-available calculations for diesel-electric setups now take "SEMI mode" into account.
   4 - Reaction to "Controllers lost in section" is now configurable.
   5 - Number of "Controllers lost in section" is now configurable.
   6 - "Minimum load on ship busbar" may now be modified by means of both "Picus" and "Display" in addition to Modbus.

   1 - General check that "Nominal settings" cannot be configured to "0".
   2 - Any tie breaker position failure will not occur if EDG controller is missing.
   3 - Any bus tie breaker position failure will not occur if BTB controller is missing.

   1 - "Inverse time over-current"-related parameters now display correctly.
   2 - Inconsistent status text display regarding "Synchronising SGB" and "Frequency too low" has been fixed.
   3 - Unintentional activation of stop coil in relation to "Cool down time" vs. "Open fail time" has been fixed.
   4 - Unintentional activation of start sequence during plant mode change has been fixed.

DU 300

New features:
- Implemented first part of custom stylesheets
- Curves has been added to parameters
- Lamp test
- Identify feature to communication screen
- Units change on Display
- Navigation and editing in I/O input text is now possible from the keyboard
- Default live data views updated
- Edit line design has been updated
- Updated counter screen to use states
- Default text in keyboard will show resolution
- Livedata screens dynamic update (step 1)
- REST version control improvement step 1 (A+B match)
- REST version control improvement step 2 (new REST resource implementation)
- Livedata Dial meter and vertical bar widgets improved
- Production screen changed to versions screen, production data now visible in about screen
- Added DNS possibility to communication screen
- Added IPv6 address to communication screen
- Livedata using REST to build screen and widgets
- Terminal values updated to only show allowed precision
- Updated help screens
- Custom inhibit does no longer clear other inhibit flags
- Placholder text from previous screen do no longer influence logon screen
- Handling of empty list in pair screen
- Pair screen automatically keeps rescanning for controllers if previously connected to a controller
- Elements in parameters is represented same order that baseunit represent it
- Preperation of lists in the application improved
- Remove dot key from keyboard when value is integer, or precision is zero
- Network off popup did not show the first time the display lost connection
- Do not allow user to press OK in empty pair list
- Cardlist serial to be a string instead of integer
- Display reboots after setting up AVR
- No longer showing all Functions when function groups is empty
- Clean up warnings
- Not able to enable/disable the alarm "ethernet redundancy broken"


PPM 300

New features:

  • Added new default input scale "0-20 mA to 0-100 %".
  • Advanced blackout prevention added.
  • Controller will start with controller ID 0. This will make replacement easier because existing systems will not be affected.


  • "Missing critical controllers" alarm renamed to "Missing any controller".
  • Changed cos phi, power factor measurements to have multiplier of 100 in Modbus.
  • Removed alarm latch from breaker deload failure alarms.
  • Changed action on emergency stop alarm to "Trip generator breaker and shutdown engine".
  • Support for up to 4 breaker trip relays is now supported.
  • Frequency measurements are displayed with two decimals on display unit.
  • Heavy consumers are able to use power generated by gensets in semi.
  • EIM supply alarms are hidden and disabled.
  • PMS version incompatible" alarm renamed to "Network protocol incompatible".


  • Fixed a rare condition where controller would reset when I/O configuration was changed.
  • Corrected a problem where PMS functions could be delayed up to 1 second.
  • Frequency detections are now based on highest and lowest measurements instead of only using L1 measurements (only relevant for single and split phase).
  • Added transducer output possibility for measurements on I4 terminal.
  • Display unit will show a status text if voltage or frequency are outside of synchronisation window after synchronisation is started
  • Analogue measurements can now be used on analogue output terminals.
  • Added alarm latch on inverse time overcurrent alarms.
  • Factory setting for inverse time overcurrent alarms on BTB is now “Trip bus tie breaker”.
  • Minimum and maximum current measurement was incorrectly updated with minimum and maximum voltage measurement in emulation of the generator.
  • Ethernet redundancy alarm is moved to “Utility > Network” menu.
  • Corrected a problem where the sequence of some parameters was reversed.
  • Semi/Auto mode indication in Modbus is now available when controller is under switchboard control.
  • Software mismatch alarm was incorrectly shown if the hardware module was missing.
  • Corrected a problem where BTB could not synchronise if synchronisation settings where configured within a specific range.
  • Breaker open failure and breaker close failure caused an incorrect repetition of breaker control pulse.
  • Corrected a problem where breaker trip relay could get stuck in "energised" state.
  • Acknowledge of an alarm with trip action caused an extra breaker trip pulse.
  • The requirements for software update is now engine stopped, breaker open and controller under switchboard control.
  • Pressing deload on a BTB and a DG at the same time could cause a blackout.
  • Gensets will not attempt to abort connection attempt to busbar if load the requirements are increased during SG/SC to DG transfer sequence.
  • Status OK relay will not be energised until all software checks on I/O cards are successfully completed.
  • Incorrect status text “Blackout start blocked” removed when EDG was running tests seqeunces.
  • Corrected a problem where “Network protocol incompatible” alarm was toggling when different versions were mixed.
  • Corrected a problem where “Duplicate controller ID” alarm was toggling when different versions were mixed.
  • Continuous breaker open/close signals are corrected.
  • Parameters in “Power management rules” were incorrectly overwritten by the last controller to power up.
  • Parameters in “System power management” were incorrectly overwritten by the last controller to power up.
  • Changing device type will now clear any custom I/O name.
  • Corrected factory setting action on the following alarms: Required IO card(s) not found, Software mismatch on hardware module(s), Live power detected (Emulation) to Warning.
  • Enable of load-dependent start 1 and load-dependent stop 1 is now synchronised on all controllers.
  • Configurable I/O alarms can now have a reset ratio higher than 20.
  • Corrected a problem where “Trip and shutdown” action did not stop the engine when controller was under switchboard control.
  • Selected of power management rules could result in an alarm in special cases where an external controller breaker was included in the single line.
  • Corrected a problem where priority is shifting when a controller is turned on.

DU 300

New features:

  • Added placeholder text when the label is completly empty, when you enter an I/O name, the current name of the IO will be shown.
  • Support of 4 line pop-up in the display.
  • Displays the variant on the info/about screen.
  • New pair feature (select base unit).


  • DU registration of 4 new languages.
  • DU REST support.
  • Update DU help files.
  • Added REST version to "About screen" in row 3.
  • Made it possible to take pictures of the first pair screen
  • Corrections:
  • Changed home screen Alarm 8000002 to Alarms 800025 to match the path.
  • Removed two arrows that were shown in parameter groups that was not supposed to be there.
  • Display could have problems, connecting to base units if it was connected in a daisy chain.
  • Making the algorithm responsible for showing/hiding pop-up windows.
  • Updating status text, and diodes in DU is made faster.
  • Crash in start-up sequence removed.
  • Corrected some filtering of allowed functions.
  • Remove illegal references to parameters.
  • Incorrect text shown when valueList had less than 2 elements removed.
  • If alarm screen is detected in the screen history, the current screen is rewound to that alarm screen. 
  • DU updating speed improved.
  • Pop-up header characters clip adjusted.
  • IO scale: impossible to select a custom scale with only 1 point.
  • Header text initialised.
  • Pairing pop-up cuts of text on very long labels.
  • Controller for selecting base unit.
  • Appending empty unit to analogue output functions not possible.
  • DU start-up screen has been corrected.
  • Label corrected to "Restart" display instead of "Reset".


New features:

  • Added support for Pt100 and Pt1000 temperature sensors to ensure minimal self-heating
  • Wire break/short circuit alarms can be added on all analogue input terminals
  • Support for dry contact functionality added.
  • Genset start priority can be configured through Modbus
  • Added support for changing controller type from display unit
  • Added digital output to indicate if there is a precautionary genset start in the section
  • Alarm test functionality added
  • Counters can be modified and reset from display


  • Naming of "V" unit is seperate into "V AC" and "V DC"
  • Status text is shown if blackout handling is blocked in display
  • Number of energy counters are reduced
  • Higher level of access restrictions in default user permission
  • Names of default analogue output curves are made more descriptive
  • Engine idle run functionality removed from menus


  • Regulator delay parameter is now hidden if regulators are unused
  • Shaft-to-shaft changeover through genset(s) will not start if genset(s) nominal capacity is lower than busbar load demand
  • Primary running feedback parameter selection will automatically select frequency if selected feedback is removed from I/O configuration
  • Scale is remamed to curve
  • Digital input and output functions are renamed to be more consistent with general naming method
  • Bus tie breaker will not allow operator to close breaker if adjacent section has a critial error
  • Status text was toggling in blackout handling when a short circuit close attempt is allowed
  • Analogue and PWM governor output does not make a sudden change in output, then breaker is closed
  • Corrected selection of genset breaker close during blackout
  • Bus tie will now require a minimum of one feeder and enough feeders to handle entire busbar load to open breaker
  • Shore connection can now close to dead busbar in ship-to-ship mode
  • Switchboard return mode was not always changed correctly
  • Power management is now supporting more than one external controller breaker per controller
  • DG and EDG will always start in SEMI mode
  • Shore connection LED is now off when no voltage or frequency is measured
  • Disabling custom logic will reset all outputs used in custom logic
  • It is now possible to connect three displays to one controller
  • Custom alarm will now clear status output when un-configured
  • Analogue input measurement will show "-" when there is a hardware failure (for example: wire break, short circuit)
  • Genset was activating stop coil if a bus tie breaker has blackout close enabled and connecting section was supplied by a shaft generator
  • Corrected a problem where an alarm could be frozen in shelve state
  • Energy counters are now more accurate


>>> After blackout handling the PPM 300 EDG cannot synchronize TB back to the main busbar if there are no DEIF controlled speed governor present on the EDG. The re-connecting of EDG to main busbar managed interlock change over. EDG GB is tripped and then TB is closed <<<

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